AutoA110 E-ternité, Alpine's 100% electric prototype

A110 E-ternité, Alpine's 100% electric prototype

“I want to electrify Alpine so that it is inscribed in eternity.” This phrase was pronounced by Luca de Meo shortly after his arrival at the Renault Group. The challenge was accepted by Laurent Rossi , CEO of Alpine, and the brand’s engineers. In less than a year, a team has carried out this daring challenge and has even had the opportunity to build a ‘semi-convertible’. It is the A110 E-ternité, a 100% electric prototype that is the result of this work and comes to celebrate 60 years of the berlinetta , serving as a link between a legendary past and a purely electric future. It also illustrates the work that Alpine is carrying out to develop its range of new models.

Immersed in electric mobility for more than ten years, the Renault Group is a pioneer in the field and has acquired extensive and valuable experience in all fields of the automobile. Therefore, it was natural that the Alpine teams began their reflection on this technology. The arrival of Luca de Meo and the announcement of a 100% electric Alpine range made it possible to establish a clear direction for the work of the teams and provided an opportunity to work experimentally around electrification. In the purest ‘restomod’ spirit, A110 became the ideal support for these research projects, serving as a link between a prestigious past and an even more ambitious future.

The objective was clear : to electrify the next Alpines, and why not, start with the Alpine A110, a sporting myth recognized for its lightness and agility, all carried out on a realistic budget. “An impossible contradiction to resolve” for some, “a challenge tailored to Alpine” for those who are passionate about the brand.

In reality, the specifications were simple: to electrify the A110 by matching the performance, balance and agility of the thermal version, while relying on the Group’s strengths, experience and technologies. To add a little spice to this challenge, Alpine completed the specification by adding four innovations:

– An innovative multimedia system that uses the driver’s personal tablet, offering an intuitive and natural experience on Google or Android, thus allowing all the user’s applications to be centralized in a single device.
– A state-of-the-art audio system with eight speakers to recreate surround sound.
– Innovative materials that combine performance and sustainability.
– A ‘semi-convertible’ solution that allows you to appreciate the silence of electric technology and drive in an electric Alpine A110 in the open, without noise.

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