NewsAccidentally ate hash cookies - whole post office 'really...

Accidentally ate hash cookies – whole post office 'really high' for a day

The contents of a mail delivery were not as harmless as they seemed. The following incident has now led to an official investigation.

London – It happens again and again that a parcel is forwarded to a post office, but is not picked up by the addressee. There can be various reasons for this – from missing a deadline to deliberately staying away, many things are conceivable. Normally, the package is then returned to the sender. But in the London district of Clapham, such a process now had far-reaching health consequences for the employees of the local “Royal Mail Clapham Delivery Office”:

Post office in London: “Pablo Chocobar’s groceries” are not picked up – with far-reaching consequences

There was an abandoned package in the branch for weeks that was not picked up – with the inscription “Food by Pablo Chocobar”. Who does not know the allusion: Pablo Escobar was a notorious drug lord from Colombia, who built up a global cartel until the 1990s and at the same time achieved worldwide fame.

There are now numerous TV documentaries about Escobar and the streaming service Netflix also filmed Escobar’s eccentric life in the series “Narcos”. But the employees of the London post office were apparently completely unaware of Escobar, or “Pablo Chocobar”, who died in 1993.

Post-Mitarbeiter kosteten von der vermeintlich harmlosen Ware – die Folgen machen weltweit Schlagzeilen. (


Post employees tasted the supposedly harmless goods – the consequences made headlines worldwide. ( assembly)

Strange scenes on the net: postmen stumble through the area – “You’re just really high!”

And so an employee unknowingly opened the package. Inside were several delicious-looking chocolate brownies. Several employees and postmen from the London branch grabbed it. Apparently an attempt was made to deliver the package to the recipient. But the house was empty – and a return address was not given.

What then happened, however, made headlines around the world: when the postmen set out to distribute letters in the city area, passers-by observed them staggering about. There are several videos of these scenes circulating online.

According to a report by the English DailyMail, a now-deleted video shows a postman asking his drugged colleague: “Are you alright?”. Another voice can be heard from the background: “You’re just really high!” The staggering colleague stated that he had eaten four of the brownies.

Incidentally, proceedings had to be initiated against Lidl in Germany last year: the discounter sold “cannabis cookies”.

Post office high: employees drive drugged-up colleagues home one by one

The end of the story: an employee who apparently hadn’t tasted any of the goods had to drive his drugged-up colleagues home one by one. According to him, almost the entire post office was high.

A spokesman for the Royal Mail Clapham Delivery Office said: “We take this matter very seriously. We have now initiated an investigation that will decide whether it is necessary to draw conclusions,” the spokesman was quoted as saying by the TV channel CNN-News 18. And further: “We would also like to point out to all employees of the post office the correct way to deal with undeliverable goods.”

In Baden-Württemberg, hashish brownies don’t bother the post office, but Corona does: the police and post office do everything they can to remain operational.

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