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Activision goes tough on cheaters, kills 60,000 Call of Duty: Warzone accounts, promises more action

It was time. Activision has gone hard and has decided to permanently delete 60,000 accounts in Call of Duty: Warzone. This has been announced through the game’s website, raising the total of bans to 300,000 since the launch of the title.

“We continue our efforts to identify and address cheat providers, who distribute unauthorized third-party software to modify or hack,” they have stated from the company. They ensure that their ultimate goal is “to provide a fair and fun experience for all players .” Among the measures adopted are the following:

  • Weekly security updates.
  • Improved reporting mechanisms in the game.
  • Added two-step identification , which has invalidated more than 180,000 suspicious accounts.
  • Removal of numerous unauthorized third-party software providers.
  • Increase in teams and resources dedicated to software development, engineering, data science, legal, and monitoring.

In addition, they have focused on the following aspects to improve and enhance in future Warzone updates:

  • Internal anti-cheat software improvements.
  • Additional detection technology.
  • Inclusion of new resources dedicated to monitoring and compliance with regulations.
  • Regular updates of communication on progress; more two-way dialogue.
  • Zero tolerance for cheat providers.
  • Consistent bans and measures.

It seems that the work in the Activision offices is intense in this regard, since they dedicate “resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to identify and combat cheating”. It is clear that there are many ways to set Warzone cheats and gain illegal advantages.

In addition, for future communications, Raven Software , the development team, will be in charge of sharing them. It will be on a monthly basis and there may even be regular weekly updates.

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