NewsAfter a storm in the north, a lot of...

After a storm in the north, a lot of snow is expected in the south

The situation after storm “Nadia” has eased. In parts of Germany it is still windy. But it shouldn’t be as intense as it was at the weekend at the start of the week.

Hamburg – After storm “Nadia” caused damage and several accidents, especially in northern Germany, the new week should start a little quieter.

On the North Sea coast and in the west, the German Weather Service (DWD) expected gusts of wind of up to 88 km/h for early Monday. It can snow in the western low mountain ranges, even heavily in the Alps from the morning – with snowdrifts from gusts of wind. According to the meteorologists, the following applies to the rest of the country: It will be grey, windy, wet and occasionally snow will fall even down to the low altitudes.

At the weekend, storm “Nadia” swept across northern Germany with dangerous gusts. In Beelitz, Brandenburg, a pedestrian died because an election poster was blown over and fell on him. In Bremen, a person suffered serious injuries in a park when a tree fell on him, and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a 16-year-old had an accident: he drove his motorcycle into a fallen tree and was seriously injured.

Storm surge in Hamburg

According to the DWD, the highest wind speed was measured on Sunday morning on the Hallig Hooge in North Frisia at 127 km/h. A severe storm surge temporarily flooded the fish market in Hamburg’s Altona district, and there were also storm surges on other sections of the coast. In northern Germany in particular, individual trains were cancelled.

The storm also claimed fatalities in neighboring countries: in northern Poland, a 27-year-old died when a tree fell on his car, in the Czech Republic a worker died when a five-meter-high wall in an industrial area near Prague collapsed due to the wind and buried him. dpa

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