NewsAfter the death of 26-year-old: police arrest ex-boyfriend

After the death of 26-year-old: police arrest ex-boyfriend

At the beginning of last week, a woman's body was found in a bunker near Oranienburg. Now the ex-boyfriend has been arrested.

Oranienburg – After finding a dead 26-year-old woman in a bunker from the Nazi era in a forest area north of Berlin, the police in Brandenburg arrested a man.

The 29-year-old Oranienburger is said to be the ex-boyfriend of the killed, as the Neuruppin public prosecutor confirmed on Wednesday. The man was reportedly arrested late Tuesday evening. He is to be presented to the investigating judge on Wednesday.

The prosecution did not want to disclose to what extent the man had already commented on the allegations. So far, however, he has not made a confession. Initially, several media reported.

At the beginning of last week, visitors to a bunker facility in a forest near Oranienburg found the young mother's lifeless body in the facility and alerted the police. A short time later, the police announced that the dead woman was the woman from Oranienburg, who had been missing for a few days. dpa

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