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AIProclips, the first robot broadcaster in football with AI?

We have already talked in this blog about tools such as Leo, who is capable of writing a chronicle of a football match in milliseconds, starting exclusively from the ‘structured’ data of that event. And it does so, in addition, with a quality that does not detract from the work of the journalist, who is dedicated to adding value to the information. But today the protagonist of this information is AIProclips, a technological platform that allows users to create soccer summaries in real time (“near-live”) using artificial intelligence (AI).

It has been the Innovation department of the MEDIAPRO Group that has developed this tool during the last year, it says that it is a pioneer, which seeks to apply all the advantages of AI to the generation of summaries, taking into account the specificities of a football match and evaluating criteria that until now could only be taken into account by a professional filmmaker, such as the emotion of a play, or the relevance of a goal in the 89th minute. The first user of AIProclips will be LaLiga, a competition of which hundreds of matches have already been processed of this season.

Broadcaster robot

The user, be it broadcaster, fan, media outlet or sponsor, only has to establish certain criteria (best plays, performance of a certain player, type of play) so that AIProclips automatically generates the desired clip. For the development and optimization of the platform, MEDIAPRO has trained a combination of three algorithms, with the support of IBM AI experts, so that AIProclips can assess the most subjective aspects in addition to marking the beginning and end of the plays in the game. precise moment or differentiate a simple goal when the score is 3-0 to a decisive goal in the last minute.

AIProclips complements the standard edition of summaries and opens possibilities for TV channels and the media to generate the summaries most adapted to their markets and audiences. Being a cloud platform, users can connect from anywhere and anytime, even during the football game. The platform works in real time (“near-live”) analyzing and classifying all the plays of the matches, taking about 7 minutes to process the content so that users can create tailor-made summaries.

Match summaries in pictures

In this way, users can create summaries of matches, days or even a whole season or complete competition, choosing according to their preferences from all the plays of a specific player ordered from most to least relevance; a specific type of play, such as all fouls of the day; or, by nationality, only the plays of Argentine players. And all this through different layers of artificial intelligence applied to this product.

AIProclips receives the ingestion of the matches in real time and applies three layers of algorithms on the content. The first layer of algorithms focuses on the analysis of the plays and the realization of the cut, deciding when each play begins and when it ends, applying the logic and specific criteria of a football match. For this, we have had the collaboration of some algorithms created by Thuzz, a North American company with extensive experience in image processing in the sports field.

The second algorithmic layer, created with IBM Watson technology, provides a first analysis of relevance based on the gestures of the players, the voice of the commentator or the ambient sound, while the third layer designed and developed by IBM with machine learning adds the context of the game, being able to identify, also from the training received, that a 0-1 in the 89th minute of the game is more relevant than at the beginning of the first half, for example.

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