SportAlcaraz continues to make history in Indian Wells

Alcaraz continues to make history in Indian Wells

Carlos Alcaraz adds and continues and no one is surprised that he advances to the final rounds of a tournament in the Indian Wells Masters 1000 category. The Murcian tennis player, who at 18 plays like a true veteran, but with the quality that credits him as a new jewel in world tennis, got rid (7-5, 6-1) of a legend like Gael Monfils, who came from defeat world number one Daniil Medvedev , with an ease that allows you to continue dreaming of a player who is a budding star on the world stage. The quarterfinals are already a reality for him, as well as the appointment in them with the current champion, the British Cameron Norrie.

Weeks away – he will do so in May – from his 19th birthday, Alcaraz enters the quarterfinals of what is considered the fifth Grand Slam and does so in the most authoritative way possible. Without losing a single set and leaving in the way tennis players of the stature of Roberto Bautista or Gael Monfils himself, who could do nothing once the first set was given up to stop the storm of tennis, self-confidence and physicality of the El Palmar earthquake .

The 7-5, 6-1 final left, after sunset in California , a teenager raising his arms and threatening very big things at an age when someone like him had not been seen in the quarterfinals since 1989, more than three decades ago, when the North American Michael Chang , champion of precocity, did the same in Palm Springs.

Now, Carlos meets with Cameron Norrie for a single round of the most desired duel by Spanish tennis and also by international fans. In the semifinals, if both win, we could experience a generational duel with Rafa Nadal for which Alcaraz had previously warned and said he was ready, something demonstrated by his dominance of the tournament in a real dream in 2022.

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