NewsAlec Baldwin with disturbing drawing: "Help me! I'm dying"

Alec Baldwin with disturbing drawing: "Help me! I'm dying"

Alec Baldwin cooperates with authorities after the fatal shooting on the set of Rust. But a contribution from his wife worries his fans.

Update from Friday, January 14th, 2022, 9.35 a.m .: Alec Baldwin meets the investigators in the case of the deadly shots on the set of the Hollywood film “Rust”. The actor is ready to hand over his cell phone to the authorities. According to information from the New York Times, this was announced by his lawyer. Baldwin initially refused to hand over his phone.

As the investigation into the deaths while filming continues, a series of photos taken by Alec Baldwin on social media has prompted many to worry about the 63-year-old actor’s mental health. His wife Hilaria Baldwin published the series of pictures in the “Story” of her Instagram account. Story content is only available for 24 hours.

Alec Baldwin was seen there, apparently holding pictures he had drawn himself into the camera. According to Hilaria, this showed her and her husband. In speech bubbles, Baldwin’s stick figure first said, “Hello,” and the next, “Oh my god. Please help me. I’m dying.” Hilaria’s character replies: “Do I know you?”

Fatal tragedy at Rust film shoot – more lawsuits

First report from Thursday, January 13th, 2022: Santa Fe – Almost three months after the fatal incident on the set of the Hollywood film “Rust”, the weapons master sued a prop master. The civil lawsuit was filed on Wednesday (January 12, 2022), the competent court in the US state of New Mexico announced. The complaint has been submitted to the German Press Agency. Actor Alec Baldwin had been rehearsing for a scene with a gun that investigations found was loaded with live ammunition rather than blanks.

That’s exactly what the lawsuit is about: The gunsmith accuses a man who supplied props and also the ammunition for “Rust” with also providing live ammunition in a box designated for dummy cartridges. The props company denied supplying live ammunition to the Los Angeles Times in November.

Alec Baldwin: Props deliverer in the focus of the fatal shot

In the incident during the shooting of the low-budget western “Rust” on a film ranch in Santa Fe (New Mexico), chief camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (42) was fatally injured on October 21 and director Joel Souza was hit in the shoulder . Alec Baldwin, who serves as a lead actor and producer on the film, fired the gun in rehearsal for one scene. Investigations revealed that the Colt had a real bullet in it. In an emotional interview shortly thereafter, Baldwin said he “didn’t pull the trigger.”

Police investigations are continuing. The lawyers of the weapon master in focus brought “sabotage” into play in November. Someone could have put a live ammunition bullet in a box of harmless dummy cartridges to sabotage the shoot, attorney Jason Bowles said in a TV interview at the time. The armorer had denied allegations of negligence on set. (ial/dpa)

Lawsuit against Alec Baldwin: Soldier's family demands $ 25 million

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After deadly shots: Alec Baldwin hands over his smartphone to the authorities

Alec Baldwin cooperates with authorities after the fatal shooting on the set of Rust. The police are now evaluating cell phone data from the 63-year-old.

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