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'Negligent Conduct': Family of shot camerawoman sues Hollywood star Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots and shoots a camerawoman while filming. Her family is now suing the Hollywood star – and fiercely accusing him.

Los Angeles – After the fatal shooting of camerawoman Halyna Hutchins during a western shoot, her family is suing Hollywood star Alec Baldwin. This was announced by lawyers for the family on Tuesday (February 15, 2022). Baldwin accidentally shot and killed 42-year-old Hutchins while filming the cheap film Rust in October 2021.

At a press conference in Los Angeles, attorney Brian Panish pointed out that many precautionary measures had been violated during the shooting of the cheap Western film “Rust”.

Camerawoman shot dead’s family suing Hollywood star Alec Baldwin

The family accuses Baldwin and other film contributors of grossly negligent behavior in the complaint, according to the German Press Agency, which is said to have the letter. She brought the wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin tested the gun for a scene on October 21 last year. As it turned out later, there was a real bullet inside. In addition to fatally shooting Halyna Hutchins, Baldwin also shot director Joel Souza in the shoulder. Baldwin is involved in the film “Rust” as a lead actor and producer. (Jan Trieselmann, Marvin Ziegele)

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