FunAlert for the black fly in Madrid: the bite...

Alert for the black fly in Madrid: the bite is very painful

Summer is a very special time, but also feared by many due to the arrival of insects. To the increase in the population of ticks and mosquitoes, we must now add the proliferation of the black fly in some areas of Madrid and also in other parts of Spain such as Zaragoza.

It is a very small insect , barely three millimeters long, which, unlike other insects, does not bite but bites. The bite is very painful, and in some cases those affected must be hospitalized.

As reported by ‘La Sexta’, residents of the Butarque neighborhood have shown their bites to the cameras. A pharmacist in the area has also confirmed that several people have had to go to the emergency room for corticosteroids after suffering dizziness and even loss of consciousness.

What is the black fly that has the residents of Madrid on alert?

It does not attack at night but during the day, especially at dawn and dusk. It lives in areas near rivers and ponds and, when it dies, it inoculates an anesthetic that has an anticogulant and vasodilator effect. In this way, if the person has not yet noticed the bite, the black fly has it very easy to feed.

When it comes to attacking its victims , what it does is tear the skin thanks to its serrated jaw, thus producing a small wound. The introduced saliva is responsible for the allergic reactions suffered by many people.

Symptoms of a black fly bite include the following: bleeding central spot, severe itching, swelling, pain, and a welt around the bite.

How to prevent the bite?

Despite the high summer temperatures , it is advisable to wear light and long clothing, especially when walking near rivers and lakes. At home you have to avoid accumulations of water, for example in pots, and install mosquito nets. Insect repellants can also be used.

If despite taking all preventive measures the black fly bites you, keep calm! Although it is difficult because the bite is very painful, you have to avoid scratching so that the wound does not become infected . Clean it with plenty of warm water and disinfect it. Fortunately, if you have a serious reaction or if the discomfort persists for more than 48 hours, see a doctor.

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