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Alexander Kekulé: Virologist is no longer allowed to research and teach at the University of Halle

The Martin Luther University in Halle pronounces a “temporary dismissal” against Alexander Kekulé. The virologist wants to take action against it.

Halle – In the corona pandemic, Alexander Kekulé has become one of the best-known virologists in Germany. He drew attention not only with assessments of the coronavirus * in his talk show appearances, but also with regular criticism of the federal government and the Robert Koch Institute. He has his own podcast in the MDR. Now Alexander Kekulé seems to be losing his actual job.

According to his own statements, Kekulé is initially no longer allowed to research and teach at the Martin Luther University in Halle. The university had pronounced a “temporary dismissal” against him, said Kekulé, who holds a professorship there, on Tuesday (December 21, 2021) of the German press agency. He has already spoken to a lawyer and will take legal action against the decision. The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (MZ) had previously reported. The university could not be reached for a comment at first.

Alexander Kekulé: University of Halle pronounces “temporary dismissal” against virologists

The process has a long history, said Kekulé. For years he has been fighting for better equipment for his microbiological institute. Now the university has apparently tried to get rid of him with allegations. He speaks of a “political process”. According to the MZ report, one of the disciplinary proceedings is about the professor’s teaching obligations. Kekulé said that, among other things, it was about an internship last year that he should have had in violation of the Corona requirements.

According to civil service law, temporary dismissal can be issued once disciplinary proceedings have been initiated. The official is thus temporarily prohibited from continuing his official business. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the measure is intended primarily for those cases in which it is to be expected that “in the disciplinary proceedings the removal from the civil servant relationship will probably be pronounced”. (lrg / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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