AutoAlfa Romeo Tonale: the savior of Alfa?

Alfa Romeo Tonale: the savior of Alfa?

A few months ago we were able to enjoy a private visit to the Alfa Romeo “La Macchina del tempo” Museum, located in Arese (Italy) . Among its iconic pieces, we spoke with Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos , current Design Director of the firm, about the future of Alfa vehicles . It is curious but, after many bad moments, this brand has gained an unexpected affection for the public, who does not decide to buy it but does not want to see a shield with as much history as personality disappear. Testing an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde is the best experience to understand that pure aura that Italian models are valued for. A spirit that does not seem to accompany its latest release: the Alfa Romeo Tonale. This 4.53 meter long SUV has another goal. Like Porsche’s Cayenne at the time, and even today’s Taycan, automakers must sell mass-produced models to continue making works of art on wheels. So let’s meet the latest savior of Alfa Romeo.

Given the acquisition of FCA by the French group PSA, we all suspected that the end of Alfa Romeo was near, but nothing could be further from the truth. It seems that the current leadership of Stellantis is willing to keep all its signatures, each with its own style and way of understanding the automotive industry. In this sense, Alfa Romeo will become an electrified firm with a clear sports component but also a premium and elegant one. Along the way was the Alfa Romeo Tonale , a project prior to this merger and which began to be developed with the FCA platform that already includes models such as the Jeep Compass. That, for those known in the sector, represents the first introduction of a hybrid system in Alfa Romeo. Indeed, this compact SUV will be available with a 131 hp diesel engine and two other hybrid variants of 120 and 160 hp , in addition to the 275 hp PHEV option with the DGT 0 badge.

The Tonale had been cooking for years and was due out in 2022. Alejandro Mesonero, creator of the image of the current Cupra and its Formentor, León and Tavascan , has not been part of this project. The Spanish designer will be in charge of future models, which will begin to be shown at the end of this year and throughout 2023 in the, hopefully, respective motor shows. For now, and as Mesonero’s first important decision, the launch of the Tonale was delayed in order to bring it up to par in terms of equipment, connectivity and digitization . Something they seem to have achieved.

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