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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos posts a private photo – insane detail on New Year's Eve outfit causes stunned comments

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos celebrated New Year’s Eve with his family in a small circle and shared photos. He irritated his fans with a sinfully expensive shirt.

Miami – fireworks, big parties, hugging strangers and wishing a happy new year – it seems like these things are almost relics from the past. Because Corona has been thwarting our plans on New Year’s Eve for two years. Unfortunately, due to contact restrictions to protect against the spread of the virus, these joys are currently no longer taking place. Instead, you celebrate in a small group. Even Amazon boss Jeff Bezos welcomed 2022 in a rather minimalist way by his standards. At least as far as the size of his New Years Eve party was concerned. He let it rip with his outfit.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made crazy comments with a photo

“We had so much fun last night when we had a crazy disco party with the family,” wrote the 57-year-old entrepreneur under a photo of himself and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez on Instagram. And then even shared an almost profound message with his followers. Because the new year is also a great time to take stock. “And focus on personal growth, renewal, rebirth, and careful attention to every moment of life. The good and the bad. All of it. Celebrate and grow, ”said Bezos.

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos irritates with a shirt that costs more than 1200 euros

In the Bezos house, there was also a small group of celebrations. On other photos (by clicking on the arrow) you can see that it was probably a New Year’s Eve theme party. And the Amazon founder himself cost a lot for his disguise. According to , an attentive Twitter user discovered the price of the luxury shirt during her research. It is a piece of clothing from the Parisian label “Casablanca” that the 57-year-old is wearing in the photos. The price for the good piece: over 1200 euros.

Irritated by his appearance, his followers said that the entrepreneur was more of a mid-life crisis and were also amazed at the proud price on Twitter: “How what? Such a cleaning rag 1300 euros ??? “, asked a user in horror. ( jbr )

A German star also caused a sensation with his outfit when he went wrong with his clothes.

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