FunAn artist charges 74,000 euros for two blank canvases

An artist charges 74,000 euros for two blank canvases

There is an eternal debate about what is art, and what is not. A few weeks ago we talked about how an Italian artist managed to sell an invisible sculpture for 15,000 euros. Now, the protagonist is Jens Haanning. The Kunsten Museum of Contemporary Art in Aalborg (Denmark) paid him 74,000 euros to create two works. However, what the artist presented were two blank canvases, which he called “works of art .”

A controversy that could end in court as those responsible for the museum accuse Jens Haanning of fraud. The artist had to recreate a previous work of his that reflected the difference in the average annual salary between Denmark and Austria . The work consisted of two glass frames filled with banknotes, one with 328,000 crowns (44,100 euros at the exchange rate) and the other with 25,000 euros.

When those responsible for the museum saw the box sent by Jens Haanning they were stunned to discover that there were only two blank canvases next to a sign that read: “Take the money and run .” As the artist explained to Danish television DR, the work of art was simply taking his money.

For his part, the gallery director, Lasse Andersson, told Berlingske that they expected him to return the 74,000 euros that had been given to him. The exhibition ends on January 14, but, considering that he has not fulfilled his promise, they will claim it sooner . If you don’t return it, you will be sued.

Everything indicates that the case will end in court since the artist who has presented the blank canvases has no intention of returning the money. He considers that he has complied with the terms requested by the Kunsten Museum of Contemporary Art.

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