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Analysis of the AOC GH300, headphones that surprise first for their sound quality and then for their price

I doubt very much that a mixture of colors more important than that of red and black will end up implanting in my head. Elegance and aggressiveness in a duality of colors that AOC masterfully dresses up in the new GH 300 headphones.

But not only for aesthetics, these helmets compatible with all platforms but specifically designed for PC have earned my attention. Due to their price and sound quality , they have become one of the most recommended entry proposals along with the FR-TEC Aizen . Model with which, by the way, it shares many similarities.

AOC GH300 – Technical Specifications



20 Hz – 20 Khz


50 mm


USB 2.0


2m braided audio


363.5 g

The BBB of headphones

With large glasses and industrial design, the aesthetics of the AOC GH300 walk closer to the headphones that an audiophile would have with their sound equipment than to the gamer fanfare to which brands are accustomed.

Plastic, simulation of leather and steel go hand in hand in a combination in which only the red touch of the headband support, the inner cables and the edging that sews the headband foam on both sides, breaks with the sober character that The set comes off, especially when the light that illuminates the logo placed on your earmuffs is off.

The set, of those that you see more logical in the comfort of your home than used in the subway, is completed with a removable microphone with built-in LED and a two-meter USB 2.0 braided audio cable that, about two feet from the headset, It has a volume regulator, mic mute and button to access the lighting profiles of the aforementioned logo.

Comfortable until the heat comes

With generous foams both isolating the ears and preventing their central arch from being nailed in prolonged sessions, the only possible complaint to the design of the AOC GH300 is given that the passive isolation of these ear muffs promises to be a challenge in summer. I am writing this in mid-May, with the heat beginning to tighten, and I am very grateful that I did not receive the headphones in the middle of July.

Another detail to improve, in this case a trifle, is in the LED that indicates the silence of the microphone, a very accurate visual guide when you have removed the foam cap that acts as a pop filter, but which remains almost imperceptible when it is – like logic indicates on a mic so close to the mouth – it’s on.

For the rest, the steel band is easy to adjust without losing the position of the earmuffs and, although their weight is not particularly light and goes up to 363 grams, I have not had any problems with them in prolonged gaming sessions. .

A really amazing sound

With a microphone that is basic enough to not stand out at all and a desktop application that shows that AOC’s range of accessories is still in the process of development and expansion (you can modify lights, volume and little else), the great asset One of these AOC GH300s is how surprisingly good they sound.

Its virtual 7.1 sounds really good to play and only loses a bit of sharpness when it is responsible for reflecting distant sounds. There is no option to complain considering that we are talking about a low / medium range and its sound is closer to the second than the first.

For other uses like listening to music or watching movies, they sound even better. In fact, the sensation is fantastic because at all times you have the sensation of being at a miserable point of offering a spectacular experience, as if the sound were enclosed in a barrier about to explode and compete from you to you in the comparison with other headphones. above 100 euros.

They entered through the eyes with their aesthetics and completely won me over with their remarkable sound quality and value for money . If you are personally struck by the former, have no doubt that they will perform perfectly as long as you take advantage of their virtual surround enjoying them from the PC.

If you are looking for wired headphones with great sound quality, beautiful and comfortable without crossing the barrier of 100 euros (or even 50 euros), there are very few options that are up to or above what they offer. AOC GH300 .

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