FunAre you looking for a cheap car ?: Pay...

Are you looking for a cheap car ?: Pay attention to the electronic auctions of the BOE

In these times, buying a new car is only available to very few who can afford to shell out a large amount of money without their pocket not noticing. There are therefore other formulas with which we can have a new or almost new car, without having to pay a prohibitive amount for our portfolio.

We are talking about formulas such as leasing, renting, kilometer zero, or a new option that we have to add with a view to the future: the electronic auctions of the BOE.

What are BOE auctions?

A car can be very expensive, and more a high-end car. On the official website of the BOE we can find authentic bargains on cars of all kinds that are put up for sale. These types of sales make the car in question have a really low price compared to others in its range.

This is due to the fact that in these electronic auctions of the BOE there are vehicles that either have been seized or are in the hands of the State for lack of payments. So, if we have time and we like to look at bargains on buying and selling portals, the BOE website can be of great help.

In recent months, many cars have been sold through this auction system that any citizen can go to. Sometimes we do not find anything, but there have already been cases of finding high-end vehicles such as Mercedes at 2.00 euros.

The best thing is that these cars are in perfect condition and ready to be enjoyed on the street.

Participate in a BOE auction

In this portal we can find everything that is auctioned through the State Public Administration. We will not only find cars, we will also find all kinds of properties such as houses, flats, garages or storage rooms.

In the menu we select ‘all vehicles’ and the cities where these cars are located and the number of vehicles per city will appear. Once here, we just have to click on the city we want and it will direct us to the auctions that are being held.

Here we will find useful information about the type of car, how the auction is, price and all the necessary data to participate in it.

If we want to enter the bid, we first have to register through the [email protected] system and here we will find the additional information and we will have the opportunity to leave our bid.

Every day new cars appear at auction, being Córdoba and Toledo the cities that currently have the most cars in electronic auction by the BOE.

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