NewsAt the Mallorca concert: Nena again railed against corona...

At the Mallorca concert: Nena again railed against corona rules

Nena makes headlines again at a concert in Mallorca. The singer makes fun of the corona rules there.

Mallorca – Singer Nena repeatedly finds very critical words for the Corona rules in Germany. Only recently, her fans had disregarded the rules of distance at a social distancing concert, which Nena obviously liked. Then she celebrated a private “lateral thinker: inside” party. In response, several organizers canceled the 61-year-olds’ concerts. Now she made fun of the regulations there during an appearance on Mallorca.

The audience should sit on picnic blankets at a concert on Saturday (28.08.2021), reports Getting up and standing to the music was not allowed. But Nena didn’t seem to care.

Despite Corona rules: Nena runs through the rows of seated fans

“Strange circumstances” she said at the beginning of the Corona-compliant concert. “One may like it, the other may not. It doesn’t matter at all. But we want to have a really great evening with you today, ”announced Nena. Later, she made it clear again what she thought of the Corona rules. “Do you think that’s all right? It doesn’t matter either, it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about whether we enjoy this and somehow make the best of it ”.

Nena hat sich bei einem Konzert auf Mallorca über die dortigen Corona-Regeln lustig gemacht (Symbolfoto).


Nena made fun of the Corona rules there at a concert in Mallorca (symbol photo).

Before the song “Miracles Happen” said Nena: “Watch out, I could get a little closer if you all stay where you are.” encouraged them to get up – even though that violated the Corona rules.

Nena concert: Most of the fans observed the corona rules

Then Nena is said to have gone back on stage and sang while sitting. “What can you do while sitting? So clapping is of course pretty awesome, ”said the musician. Most of the fans were not animated by the singer and stayed in their seats.

The fact that Nena was allowed to leave the stage during the performance should have previously been agreed with the local organizer Roland Michael. “It was agreed with me beforehand that Nena would go into the crowd. It was all cool, ”says Michael. There were no incidents. Nena was just having fun on stage and complied with all Corona rules. (Jan Wendt)

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