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Auctioned a historic Renault by Fernando Alonso at a bargain price

How much would you pay for the legendary blue and yellow Renault that Fernando Alonso drove in the most successful years of his career? At the Sotheby's auction house they already have an answer: 258,125 euros. That is the amount that the bid has reached for the car that the Asturian driver climbed in the last three races of the 2004 Formula 1 World Championship.

The figure seems to be a real balance, but it has small print, since the vehicle "is not complete and will require an engine among other varied components to be able to function," as Sotheby's explained in the brochure prior to the auction, of which both are unknown. the supplier of the car as the winner of the bid.

Specifically, it is the R24-07 with which Fernando Alonso entered the Grand Prix of China, Japan and Brazil 17 years ago, finishing fourth, fifth and fourth respectively. A year later, the Spanish driver won his first title with the next evolution of that well-remembered single-seater, of which he keeps a copy in his museum in Llanera (Asturias) , where he keeps all the cars with which he has competed in F1.

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