AutoAudi Q8, the new definition SUV - Sporty elegance

Audi Q8, the new definition SUV – Sporty elegance

When the Sport Utility Vehicles, known universally as SUVs, became popular, I do not think that even the best marketers would have dared to predict how far this fever could go.

Surely at this stage of the game any hypothesis would have some reason to justify the radical triumph of this type of car. If you ask me, my answer is very simple: this type of car has been able to earn a place thanks to the perfect mix between rationality and practicality.

And why do I tell you the above? Well, because if I told you before that this triumph was unpredictable, much less would one think that the segment would reinvent itself .

It could be envisaged that segments of different sizes were adapted to the needs and tastes of users, coupe versions, different types of engines and even electric versions. But what was not expected was what has just happened: the birth of a car that for the first time truly approaches the definition of a Sport Utility Vehicle .


The Q8 is born, the new member of the “Q” family

It appears with a trunk full of news and messages. On the one hand, and without losing a bit of the DNA of the Audi family, it gives us clues about what is to come in the new models of the Q family. So far, normal; otherwise it would be strange.

What is not so common is that a launch opens initials in a brand, with all that this entails; and also, be able to create an unrepeatable product.

Much less would I dare to say that it is the best product on the market, although it is certainly among the best . What I do dare to assure you is that this car comes to win over customers who were looking for a further step in this segment, and to make designers think. And I already predict that they will reinterpret this launch in future products.

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