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August in New Orleans: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

New Orleans in August is suffocating with oppressive heat and humidity that make it difficult to do anything outside except sit on porches and sip frozen beverages, but that doesn’t stop visitors to the Big Easy from enjoying everything New Orleans has to offer. has to offer. this month.

With hotel prices in its lowest, month-long COOLinary New Orleans discounts running at dozens of the city’s best restaurants, August is actually a great (and money-saver) to visit. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time doing things indoors like long, fancy lunches; stroll through the exceptional museums of the city; listen to live music at night; and maybe doing a little shopping.

New Orleans weather in August

The highs in the afternoon are 89 degrees Fahrenheit, which is fairly constant every day, but some days the temperature only reaches the mid-80s while other days reach the mid-90s. However, the humidity is where the New Orleans weather in August really makes tourists suffer.

The possibility of high humidity levels is close to 100 percent practically every day in August, and that means it is oppressive and miserable for anyone, even seasoned locals who are used to humid heat. Nighttime lows average 78 degrees, but it rarely falls below 74, which means it’s warm enough to sit outside at bars in the French Quarter late into the night.

The chances of rain on any given day are relatively high, nearly 60 percent at the beginning of the month and 46 percent by the end, but a storm won’t cool things down for long; it just adds to the embarrassing factor. Also, the ongoing hurricane season means that unpredictable weather is more likely to occur, be sure to check the weather during your trip.

What to pack

Obviously you’ll want comfortable, baggy, summery clothing, but remember that the Gulf Coasters Mountains like to cool their indoor spaces to arctic levels, so bring a layer of some kind (cardigan, pashmina, light jacket) for restaurants, museums, and Other indoor attractions.

If you plan to eat at one of the old-line restaurants that require men to wear pants and jackets, know that the restrictions are generally not lifted during the summer months; You will still need these pieces of clothing if you plan that type of meal. These fine dining restaurants, including the Commander’s Palace, Brennan’s, Antoine’s, and other notable restaurants, are a great addition to your trip.

Since summer in New Orleans is known for frequent afternoon showers, a small folding umbrella isn’t a bad idea, and if you were smart or lucky enough to get a hotel with a pool, don’t forget your bathing suit.

August event in New Orleans

The activities, events, and festivals that take place in August in New Orleans each year are primarily focused on keeping tourists and locals cool while they entertain themselves, although there are some annual concerts and music parties that will require you to be outdoors.

  • COOLinary New Orleans – This promotion features special menus with discounted fixed prices at participating restaurants throughout the city, including many old-line restaurants.
  • Satchmo Summerfest – This multi-stage event takes place throughout the French Quarter and features jazz and other music in the spirit of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong.
  • Whitney’s White Linen Night : Revelers don all-white clothing to drink, dine, and stroll through Julia Street’s contemporary art galleries, as well as nearby museums, complete with a live music soundtrack.
  • Dirty Linen Night : A low-key take on White Linen night takes people out to eat, sip, and stroll through Royal Street’s art and antique shops, seemingly in their 11-day-old red wine-stained clothing.
  • Red Dress Run : Hosted by the New Orleans Hash Hound Harriers, “a drinking club with a running problem,” this outrageous event sees hundreds of people, men and women alike, wearing red dresses and running through Crescent Park in the Mississippi Riverfront to raise money for charity.

Other nearby events: Delcambre Shrimp Festival

The rest of Louisiana is pretty sleepy in August too, maybe even more so than New Orleans, but there’s one particularly fabulous event worth taking a day trip for: the Delcambre Shrimp Festival.

Delcambre (pronounced DEL-kum) is a small shrimp community southeast of Lafayette that celebrates the city’s most abundant export, shrimp, during this annual festival. Events include live music, midway through, a cooked shrimp, and the annual “Blessing of the Fleet,” a treasured Louisiana tradition that sees the local priest bless the shrimp boats and fishermen who ride them, wishing them bountiful harvest and sailing safety in the coming year.

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