NewsAutumn weather in Germany: meteorologist with bitter forecast

Autumn weather in Germany: meteorologist with bitter forecast

At the moment, late summer is giving it all again when it comes to the weather. According to meteorologists, however, a cold snap is imminent in Germany.

Kassel – The high pressure area “Hermelinde” is currently ensuring a sunny September * and giving Germany plenty of summer weather. While the summer months offered rather mixed weather *, September is much more pleasant. However, meteorologists do not give good forecasts for autumn.

In the course of September, according to experts from, temperatures should drop again as quickly as they rose. “The transition from September to October is subcooled,” predicts the weather forecast team from “The temperatures are plummeting – including ground frost”.

Stehen uns herbstliche Temperaturen und Frost bevor? Meteorologen haben eine bittere Wetter-Prognose für Deutschland abgegeben.


Are we facing autumn temperatures and frost? Meteorologists have issued a bitter weather forecast for Germany.

Cold autumn weather: weather change in Germany is imminent

The “Indian summer” is popularly the last nice weather phase in September. The mostly sunny and mild days are contrasted with cold nights and the first frost. In the next few days, Germany will face a change in the weather.

In the 7-day weather forecast, meteorologist Alban Burster announces not only possible heavy rain but also thunderstorms. After the turnaround on Thursday (09.09.2021) there can be strong shows and thunderstorms everywhere in Germany on Friday (10.09.2021).

Weather in Germany: Heavy rain and thunderstorms are likely to come

The temperatures remain warm in summer. However, the various weather models do not yet agree on how the autumn weather will continue in the coming week.

Weather forecast: Temperatures in autumn in Germany in the normal range

The American weather service NOAA publishes regular weather forecasts. Meteorologists had already drawn up the first weather forecasts for autumn and winter * in August. Accordingly, the temperatures in September and October in Germany should be in the normal range.

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According to meteorologist Dominik Jung, the fact that most of the past months have been too warm can mean that we perceive the autumn and winter months as too cold.

The qualified meteorologist also points out that weather forecasts should not be regarded as classic weather forecasts. According to Jung, forecasts are “monthly climatological trends”. This can be used to determine whether a month is too warm or too cold, too wet or too dry. In the end, however, one has to wait and see what will become of these weather trends. (Helena Gries) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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