NewsBecause parents are unvaccinated: hospitals refuse to treat children

Because parents are unvaccinated: hospitals refuse to treat children

Because his parents are not vaccinated against Corona, the treatment of a seriously ill boy is rejected in several hospitals – including in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt – A three-year-old boy from Cyprus needed urgent surgery due to a serious heart condition. However, the necessary intervention on the Mediterranean island could not be carried out due to a lack of equipment. Accordingly, only a transfer to another hospital remained.

The Ministry of Health then arranged for the patient to be transferred to Germany by ambulance aircraft last Thursday (01/27/2022). The boy’s operation was to take place in a hospital in Frankfurt. This was reported by Politico Europe, an offshoot of the US news portal.

Necessary heart surgery in Frankfurt is denied – because parents are unvaccinated

However, shortly before the transfer, the Frankfurt hospital decided against the procedure. The reason: The parents of the three-year-old were not vaccinated against Corona. Alternatively, authorities in Cyprus suggested that the boy could be accompanied by a legal guardian instead of his parents. According to, however, this proposal was said to have been rejected.

When asked by the weekly newspaper, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Health said that unvaccinated people can continue to be treated in German hospitals. There is no rule that prohibits treatment for the unvaccinated – especially not for children whose parents are not vaccinated. Nevertheless, it is up to the hospitals themselves who is treated. It is not known which hospital in Frankfurt it was.

After a refused operation in Frankfurt: Authorities are planning to move to other EU countries

After the refused operation in Frankfurt, the authorities in Cyprus tried to allow a transfer to Great Britain and Israel. However, the treatment was also rejected here because the parents were not vaccinated.

According to information from, the boy was then flown to neighboring Greece on Saturday (01/30/2022). He will be operated on at a private hospital in Athens, according to Cyprus Health Ministry Director General Christina Yiannaki.

Although the parents had themselves vaccinated against the corona virus shortly after the cancellation from Frankfurt, that did not change the situation. Because: The vaccination status is only recognized after a corresponding waiting period. In addition, there are strict entry rules for unvaccinated people in Germany. According to the federal government, anyone who is not fully vaccinated or has not recovered must be immediately quarantined at home for ten days in addition to proof of a negative test result. This can be ended prematurely after the fifth day at the earliest if the corona test is negative.

Hospitals refuse treatment because of unvaccinated parents: Case raises moral question

“I know that unvaccinated patients can be treated in German hospitals,” the boy’s father told the weekly. “I didn’t know that I too had to be vaccinated so that my child could be treated. If I had known that, I would have done it immediately.”

The case of the little boy from Cyprus raises the question of whether hospitals should turn away unvaccinated patients or, in this case, unvaccinated parents. In December, the proportion of unvaccinated people in German intensive care units dominated. (cheese)

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