LivingBeing bilingual delays Alzheimer's

Being bilingual delays Alzheimer's

depresion-grises Speaking two or more languages can delay the appearance of Alzheimer's disease symptoms by up to five years, according to a study published by the journal Neurology .

A team of scientists from the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, Canada, examined data from 211 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's and found that those who had spoken two or three languages frequently for several years (102 patients) took up to five more years in showing symptoms that affect mental functions (memory loss, confusion and difficulties in solving problems and planning) than other patients.

? We are not saying that bilingualism can prevent Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, but it does contribute to creating cognitive reserves in the brain that seem to delay the onset of symptoms for several years ,? explained Fergus Craik, head of the research. . So far, no known drug has been able to delay Alzheimer's symptoms for that long.

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