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Best Boucheron Jewelry in Paris

A world famous name

If you want some of the best and most unique jewelry in the world with a historical name, head to Boucheron, located on the corner of Place Vendome. Boucheron was founded in 1858 when the Second French Empire was at its peak. Today it is a global brand, adding watches, fragrances and sunglasses to its range and is owned by the Gucci group.

Practical information:

26 Place Vendome, 1st district
Tel.: 00 33 (0) 1 42 61 58 16
Visit the website
Metro: Madeleine, Opera, Tuileries

Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 7 pm

Boucheron’s shop

The store itself is quite beautiful. It is still in the original building on Place Vendome, with the main public section on the ground floor, where the cases sparkle with fine jewelry. In a room at the back, you can see the door of the staircase that led to the apartment of the Countess of Castligione.

Today the glorious grand shop displays Boucheron’s range of jewelery, from animal-based rings and bracelets and the famous snake motif to gold rings in the ‘Trouble’ range. Prices vary widely, from less than 2,000 euros to heaven.

Upstairs, a hallway with jewelry and original designs on the walls leads to rooms containing the firm’s archives. This is where you come if you book a private appointment with a jeweler in a large airy room filled with old design books. Here you can discuss exactly what you are looking for. Accompanied, of course, by macaroons and champagne.

It is also the place to order a piece. The company is extremely accommodating; You can have an old piece of your jewelry reworked, commission a new piece, or choose different stones for your main designs.

The Boucheron collections

There are avid collectors of Boucheron jewelry, both of unique pieces and of collections that are produced regularly, each new concept sought. In the 1970s, the signature snake line was created. Collections like Beauté Dangereuse , Not Bourgeois were launched in 2002.

High jewelery lines include Jaipur , Le Jeu de la Seduction in 2010, Cabinet of Curiosities launched in 2011 and the latest Cruise Collection .

Make an appointment

The easiest way to make an appointment is through Ultimate Paris , a Paris shopping and tourism company that specializes in high-end Paris.

Tel.: 00 33 (0) 1 73 02 04 26
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Email: [email protected]

A house with history

Boucheron, founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858, was opened with great success in the Galerie de Valois in the Royal Palace when the Second French Empire was at its peak. In 1893, the company moved to the Place Vendome, choosing a corner building to make sure the sun came through the windows, giving the fabulous diamond-embellished jewelery in the window an extra sparkle.

Frederic Boucheron trained as a civil engineer and later brought his flamboyant genius to the company. Traveling to India, he visited the Jaipur Astronomical Garden and was inspired there. Colored stones replaced diamonds and a bold new style of jewelry was created. Boucheron’s fame increased when the great courtesan, the Countess of Castiglione, moved into apartments above the Boucheron shop that you can see today. He collected wealthy lovers as eagerly as he collected the rare Boucheron jewels that were gifted to him.

Alain Boucheron, a family business, joined the firm in 1971 and created a new style, using rock crystal in jewelry and creating perfumes. Boucheron now has stores all over the world, from St. Tropez to San Francisco, Moscow to Hong Kong.

Famous collectors

The world has always come to Boucheron’s doorstep. Among its clients, the firm included Russian Prince Félix Youssoupoff, Tsar Alexander III and a group of Maharajas, as well as La Belle Otero , a dancer in Folies Bergeres known for her passion and beauty.

The British royal family has jewelry from Boucheron. In 1921 Boucheron made a tiara for Lady Greville which was later given to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Prince Charles inherited the tiara and gave it to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as a wedding gift. Queen Elizabeth also owns several pieces by Boucheron.

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