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Best Fish and Chips in Dublin, Ordered

There are many places to find fish and chips in Dublin, but for a truly iconic meal, your best bet is to seek out the ‘picadors’ that the locals rate as the best in the city. Prepare to go on a pilgrimage to buy a greasy pound of potatoes and haddock. cod or haddock for the kind of fried food that’s perfect for a night out. Dublin’s fish and chips may not be a culinary revelation, and they definitely don’t count as good food, but they are still a quintessential piece of Irish life. But, as iconic as Irish fish dinner may be, it’s well known that Italians make the tastiest versions in town.

Making a list of the best fish and chips in Dublin is fraught with danger, inviting heated debate and can spark an argument or two. Making a choice is difficult and will always be subjective, so be prepared to try several of the recommended stores. While it’s difficult to declare a chipper supreme, all of the chips listed below are classed as must-stops for true fish and chip enthusiasts.

Finally, before you get to the best fish and chips in Dublin, a few words about chipper etiquette: When ordering your fish and chips, you will often be given the option to choose fish. Fresh cod is usually the best option (often the slightly more expensive one as well). French fries (which are fries instead of crispy fries) are only served one way: thick. Both French fries and fish are fried in oil or fat. When it is finally released from the bubbling cauldron, they will be presented with the question of whether they want salt and vinegar in them. Tradition calls for both, although it could be an acquired taste. Once dressed, your portion is wrapped in paper, and you are more than likely expected to take it away from eating al fresco , which can be a very cool experience indeed, the Irish weather and all that. However, it could be said that he has not lived until he has eaten fish and chips in a light drizzle in a park.

Beshoff Bros.

They call themselves “# 1 for fresh fish and chips,” and for many people, they are very true to their word. The Dublin Chipper comes with an interesting story: In 1905, founder Ivan Beshoff sailed on the Russian Imperial battleship Potemkin. Eight years later he came to Dublin to build a thriving family business far from the high seas. Still family-owned, Beshoff Bros now runs five stores in the Dublin area. The best (and perhaps the busiest) of them is the take out right on the Howth boardwalk.

Address: 12 Harbor Road, Howth, County Dublin
Phone: 01-8321754

Leo bardana

Another Dublin institution, fryers have been busy at this chipper since 1913. Bella Burdock and her husband Patrick opened the first Leo Burdock outpost in Christchurch, near Liberties. They named the store “Leo” in honor of their son. Its stores also have a photo wall known as the “Hall of Fame,” which documents famous patrons from local boy Colin Farrell, to “Boss” Bruce Springsteen and actress Hilary Swank. Leo Burdock in Christchurch is the place to go, for nostalgic reasons, but you can also find five more stores in the Dublin area.

Address: 2 Werburgh Street, Christchurch, Dublin 8
Phone: 01-4540306
(Note that the website still features Leo Burdock’s in Phibsborough, this closed at the end of 2016).


Macari’s Italian surname was, and perhaps still is, synonymous with his neighborhood chipper, and a good bet if he needs sustenance while running. The shops are in various locations on the Northside of Dublin. Glasnevin store, in particular, does a busy local fish and chip shop and comes recommended by locals.

Address: 79 Glasnevin Avenue, Glasnevin, County Dublin
Phone: 01-8425516

The lido

Located near Trinity College, this shop serves many hungry students and a distinguished professor, who walk through the door in search of the best Irish food. Rumor has it that some of the best chips in Dublin can be had here. If you had enough fish already, the Taco Mince Fries topped with Spicy Beef, Cheese, and Salsa are a decent meal on their own. Trust us.

Address: 135a Pearse Street, Dublin 2
Phone: 01-6707963


Another chipper with Italian heritage, Romayo has been a known destination for the hungry Irish since 1959. In recent years, Dublin’s chain of fish and chip shops has expanded and there are now 11 in the Dublin area. as outposts in Maynooth and Slane. One of the favorites is the store in Blanchardstown Village, which still operates (a bit confusing) under the old Macari name. Like many Romayos, they make great pizza there too!

Address: Macari’s, 22 Main Street, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Phone: 01-8213377

Beshoff Restaurant

Not a mistake: this downtown restaurant also takes its name from Ivan Beshoff, but is not part of Beshoff Bros (see above). However, it’s a good bet if you want to get your fish and chips on the north side, and you want to rest your feet at the same time. Unpretentious on the outside, the store has a sizeable dining area that is often overlooked by people passing by in too much haste.

Address: 6 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin 1
Phone: 01-8724400


Another Italian chipper that is much loved by Dubs, this shop is located just outside the bustling city center in the Portobello area. Pizza, kebabs, chicken breasts, and of course fish and chips. Try the ‘fish box’ for a great value meal that sounds like just € 5.

Address: 46 South Richmond Street, Portobello, Dublin 2
Phone: 01-4759355

Stock market

Dublin 4 is generally known as a wealthy area full of people who like the finer things in life, but there is nothing pretentious about Borza. The food may not be fancy, but it’s a cheap, comforting, and delicious dinner. Fish and chips is a staple, and burgers are a customer favorite because of their size and taste. Be ready to wait because the chipper can get very busy on the weekends.

Address: 4 Donnybrook Road, Dublin 4
Phone: 01-2693975

The gold chip

Whether visiting Mater Hospital, Mountjoy Prison, or just the Bohemians FC in Dalymount Park, the Golden Chip is a local favorite for fish and chips on this side of Dublin. If it isn’t, the detour to the Golden Chip, a bit outside the city center, is well worth it. Fish and chips start at six euros, or you can go for the Quaterpounder Tex-Mex for that extra piece of yeeee-haw!

Address: 108 Phibsborough Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7
Phone: 01-8301506

And the “big chains”?

You can also get fish and chips from Harry Ramsden’s, a UK chain with a presence in some Dublin shopping malls (Tallaght and Liffey Valley at the time of writing). While they do make a good portion of mushy peas, they are generally soulless, part of a franchise operation. Similar caveats apply to the ubiquitous Irish chain Supermac’s, which also offers cod and fries. With that said, both aren’t bad, and they’re definitely better than starving.

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