AutoBicycles, on the rise in Spain

Bicycles, on the rise in Spain

Bicycles break all records . Their multiple advantages over other vehicles make them a highly desired means of transport every day: it is cheap, comfortable and, due to its small size , easily transportable. Even these days it means savings for your pocket since with the rising price of fuel, this type of vehicle has a much lower cost and maintenance. It is even a silent means of transport and by using it we stop generating a large amount of polluting gases which helps to curb climate change; and perfect for finding parking at first!

Of course, the rules to follow are the same as if you were in a car or motorcycle . You must respect the signs, red traffic lights, as well as the areas through which you must circulate. It should only be done on bike paths or authorized lanes. Never on the sidewalks. And just like in other vehicles, you cannot drive with a mobile phone, or headphones, and, of course, with a level of alcohol or drugs higher than that allowed by Traffic.

Now, getting into the matter, and according to the report on the bicycle sector published annually by AMBE (Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain), in 2021 the bicycle industry in Spain invoiced 10.76% more, reaching a record figure turnover of 2,887.89 million euros. The sector chains the second year with billing growth above two digits. It also highlights the consolidation of the national industry with a growth in the number of manufacturers of 7.14% and an increase in employment close to 3%. The points of sale, repair and rental increased to reach the figure of 3,028 establishments. Almost 25,000 families in Spain live directly from the sector.

“Supply problems have limited the growth of the sector, but they have also generated an effect of attracting production to the final consumer. The bicycle industry contributes decisively to reindustrialization, job creation and new businesses in Spain,” he explained during the presentation of the report Jesús Freire , general secretary of AMBE.

For the second consecutive year, more than 1.5 million bicycles (1,571,368) were sold in Spain, a slight increase compared to the previous year. In 2021, the largest increases in unit sales were recorded in the category of gravel (+51.2%) and electric (+5.3%). At the other extreme, the drop in sales of urban bicycles stands out (-12%) due to the promotion of electric bicycles and the use of non-urban models in our cities. The sales of mountain bikes continue to stand out (the most demanded bicycle category in Spain) but surpassed for the second consecutive year in terms of business volume by the electric bicycle.

“The bicycle sector continues to post record growth figures. The trend to move in a healthier and more sustainable way is consolidating, and that generates a very positive impact for Spanish society in economic, environmental and health terms”, he pointed out, for his part, Javier López , president of AMBE.

The sale of electric bicycles is also consolidated in 2021, once again surpassing the barrier of 200,000 units sold (223,561). The number of electric bicycles in Spain is close to 900,000 units, making it the preferred electric vehicle for Spaniards. The increase in the average price of a bicycle in Spain moderates and grows by 14.9% in 2021, reaching 984 euros (compared to 865 in 2020). This growth is driven by the increase in the average price of mountain bikes, which reached 832 euros (+12.7%) and especially by electric bicycles, which reached an average price of 2,861 (+8.1%) up to position itself as the leading category in terms of billing volume.

“Although it lacks the state aid of other electric vehicles, the electric bicycle is positioned as the best-selling electric vehicle in Spain, contributing to a healthier life and the reduction of Co2 emissions. In addition, 7 out of 10 electric bicycles are manufactured in the EU, generating enormous opportunities for our industry”, Freire concluded.

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