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Bill Gates unveils a toilet that turns poop into ashes

In collaboration with the Samsung company, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have devised a new toilet that is part of the Reinvent the toilet challenge of the same foundation.

As part of an effort to transform toilet technologies to safely and effectively manage human waste for the billions of people who use unsafe sanitation facilities around the world, this latest project comes from the Samsung Advanced Technology Institute. , the research and development arm of Samsung Electronics.

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The team presented the completed core technologies and a “successfully developed and tested prototype” to philanthropist Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, as part of a partnership between the two groups, according to a press release.

Three years of research and development have resulted in a perfect prototype for domestic use, as well as the development of components and modular technology with the aim of facilitating its commercialization.

“During three years of research and development, SAIT worked on the basic design and developed the component and modular technology, which led to the successful development of a prototype for home use. The product is energy efficient with wastewater treatment capabilities and meets the performance required by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for commercialization of a reimagined toilet for home use,” the press release says.

“The core technologies developed by Samsung include heat treatment and bioprocessing technologies to kill pathogens from human waste and make released effluents and solids safe for the environment. The system allows completely recycling the treated water. Solid waste is dehydrated, dried and burned to ashes, while liquid waste is treated through a biological purification process.”

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