NewsBomb found in Frankfurt: 25,000 people evacuated - emergency...

Bomb found in Frankfurt: 25,000 people evacuated – emergency detonation is imminent

A World War II bomb is discovered on a construction site in Frankfurt am Main. A densely populated area is being cleared. The bomb has to be blown up.

Frankfurt am Main – A World War II bomb weighing 500 kilograms was discovered during dredging work in Frankfurt am Main. Therefore, 25,000 people have to leave their homes on Wednesday. The city announced this in the evening. The bomb had to be detonated in a controlled manner because of the design and the condition on site.

An uncontrolled detonation would cause massive damage to buildings in the densely populated district of Nordend and pose a great risk to human life. A hospital is also being evacuated in the security zone.

Bomb found in Frankfurt: start of the demolition unclear

The bomb was discovered at noon during dredging work in Schwarzburgstrasse. It is still unclear when the explosive ordnance disposal service can actually start and how long it will take. “According to the ordnance disposal service, defusing is necessary as soon as possible,” wrote the fire department on Twitter.

Several subway, tram and bus lines could be interrupted or diverted until 11.30 p.m. due to the bomb, said the Frankfurt Transport Company.

The site is located in a residential area with Wilhelminian-style apartment buildings and right next to a former World War II bunker and near a playground. (mt / dpa)

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