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Bong Joo-ho, the director of “Parasites” to direct his first animated film

The Oscar winner will make his first digital animated feature film, where he will narrate an adventure story in the depths of the marine world. The director has been working, at the time, on a spin-off of the movie “Parasites.”

Oscar-winning director for “Parasites”, Bong Joon-ho, has a new film project. The South Korean filmmaker turns to digital animation to tell an adventure story in the depths of the marine world. It will be the director’s first feature film to use this technique.

According to Screen Daily, to carry out his first animation project, with CGI technology, Bong will have the visual effects studio 4th Creative Party , with whom he previously worked on titles such as “The Host” or “Okja”. The factory is very well known within the industry of the Asian country, as it has also collaborated with Park Chan-wook in films such as “Oldboy”, “Stoker” or “La maidenc”.

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The Oscar-winning filmmaker began working on this project in 2018 and finished writing the script in January. It will be his next film after making another live image production that will be shot in English. On the other hand, Bong has continued to work on the “Parasites” series , a spin-off of the four-time Oscar winner, along with Adam McKay.

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In early February, Bong confirmed to the same American media that he had already completed one of the new scripts he was working on after his victory at the Academy Awards. Everything indicates that the animation film will be “a story set in Seoul and with unique elements of horror and action”, as detailed, because his other “live-action” project will be “a drama based on real events that occurred in 2016 ”.