NewsBrexit: The British Parliament votes again on Monday its...

Brexit: The British Parliament votes again on Monday its options amid the chaos

The British Parliament votes again this coming Monday, starting at 9:00 p.m., a series of motions on different Brexit modalities to try, two days later, to decide on a consensus agreement in a fourth and possibly last vote before the country leave the European Union without a prior agreement on April 12, the President of the British Parliament, John Bercow, has selected eight Brexit modalities from a list of 16 options. The idea will be to choose in the middle of the afternoon which options will finally be voted at 9:00 p.m. The options that receive the approval of the Parliament will be submitted in the probable vote on Wednesday. The vote on Monday is not binding, but the Government of Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to listen, at least, to the will of Among all the options, one is beginning to gain strength: the possibility of a soft Brexit, by which the United Kingdom would be subscribed to a customs union with the EU or, at the very least, at the expense of a new negotiation in this area. The 9 possible Brexit modalities 1.- Brexit with a unilateral exit from the minimum agreement with Northern Ireland, known as ‘backstop’. This option was presented in the previous session and could not end up being put to a vote. 2.- Brexit without prior agreement on April 12 if Parliament is unable to approve, in a fourth vote, the exit text reached between May and Brussels. An almost identical proposal was rejected by 340 votes difference in the last vote. 3.- Brexit with guarantees of a negotiation on the future customs relationship with the EU that, if it ends in an additional agreement, must have the status of law in the Kingdom United.The initial proposal was one of the most successful, as it ended up being rejected by only six votes.4.- Brexit “a la Norway”, which would include the United Kingdom in the single market with a customs regime negotiated with Brussels. A previous proposal, also very similar, was rejected by 94 votes. 5.- New Brexit confirmation referendum by Theresa May and Brussels, which would be ratified by Parliament if it received popular approval. A similar proposal, presented by the opposition Labor Party, was rejected last time by a difference of 27 votes. 6.- New referendum to prevent a Brexit without prior agreement, in what is a new proposal. 7.- Parliamentary supremacy. : Would give MPs a vote on whether to support a no-deal exit if, 36 hours before UK departure, no extension is offered. A rejection in that vote would force the government to revoke Article 50 and halt Brexit pending a public inquiry into a deal that could garner public support, which could then be put to a referendum. Also rejected by more than a hundred votes difference. 8/9 – Brexit where the United Kingdom would continue to be a member of the European Economic Area and / or a member of the European Free Trade Association. Also overwhelmingly rejected: only 64 votes in favor.

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The British Police have declared the murder this past Friday of Conservative MP David Amess as a terrorist attack.

Brexit pioneer Farage gets his own TV show

He wants to report on things "that everyone else wants to ignore," says Nigel Farage. The former Ukip boss is now on the air at GB News.

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The UK Government's Minister for Brexit, David Frost, admits that the British Executive "underestimated the effect of the protocol on the movement of goods to Northern Ireland."

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Boris Johnson achieved the absolute majority he wanted to complete Brexit, which will now be a reality. The Conservative Party has won hands down in the UK House of Commons elections, exceeding, by a large margin, the number needed to dominate Parliament. The polls thus proved the charismatic Tory leader right against Jeremy Corbyn who has led Labor to their worst result since 1935!

Farage half celebrates: "There will be Brexit, but maybe not the right one"

Nigel Farage celebrates, but with the handbrake on, the first results in the British elections. The Brexit Party leader has said that there will now be Brexit "but perhaps not the right one."