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Budapest in August: weather, events and tips

Summer is still in full swing in August in Budapest. Many travelers travel to the Hungarian capital to take advantage of the warm weather before autumn approaches.

  • August Average Temperature: 72 F / 21 C
  • August Average High: 81 F / 27 C
  • August Low Average: 59 F / 15 C

What to pack

Make sure to pack sunscreen if you plan on sightseeing during the day. It doesn’t rain very often in August, but when you still need to bring an umbrella because when it does rain, it tends to rain a lot. If you plan to go out a lot at night, a light sweater or jacket will keep you comfortable in the cool night weather.

August Holidays and Events in Budapest

August 20 is Saint Stephen’s Day, which recognizes one of Hungary’s most important historical figures.

The Budapest Summer Festival continues during the month of August on Margaret Island.

The famous Budapest Sziget Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, is held every year in August.

Shop for traditional Hungarian souvenirs and gifts at the annual Folk Crafts Festival at the Royal Castle.

Travel tips

  • August is one of the warmest months in Budapest and is a popular time to visit. Make sure you buy your tickets and reserve a hotel well in advance.
  • Pack light clothing as it can get quite hot, but also keep a jacket handy for cooler nights.
  • Keep an umbrella or waterproof clothing handy in case you are caught in a storm.

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