FunCan a person be as strong as La Masa?

Can a person be as strong as La Masa?

In the movie The Hulk (The Mass) , the Marvel superhero shows off his spectacular physical strength, covered by fantastic special effects that allow him to even launch a tank into the air. Although without reaching these limits, in the real world there are incredible strongmen, like the Slovak Juraj Duri Barbaric , who in 1999 towed a train of 20 wagons with a load of one thousand tons along 4.5 meters with his hands.

Now, our muscle fibers have a limited capacity for concentration. For example, the quadriceps, which has up to 100 cm2 of muscle belly – the fleshy part of the muscle – can apply up to 400 kilograms of tension to the patella tendon. Only through genetic manipulation could this muscle power be discreetly improved .

Japanese scientists create a 'washing machine for humans'

Can you imagine taking a relaxing bath in a machine that washes you with bubbles, plays relaxing music or videos?

Insect swarms generate as much electricity as a thunderstorm

Swarms of bees can generate an electrical charge of 1,000 volts per meter, a higher voltage density than thunderclouds and electrified dust storms.

This is what the Earth's magnetic field sounds like

The shield that protects our planet sounds 'pretty scary', according to ESA engineers.

Days were only 17 hours long 2.46 billion years ago

It was when the Moon was much closer to our planet. As the centuries pass, the Moon slowly recedes and the length of our day gradually lengthens accordingly.

Women are better at doing crosswords

A new study has revealed that women have a 'small but robust' advantage over time.