FunCan I get a ticket if I run out...

Can I get a ticket if I run out of gas?

Gasoline is, today, a fundamental element in our life. Most cars on the planet run on gasoline, and until we see a bigger advance in electric cars, this will continue to be the case for a long time to come. It has ever happened to all of us that we have used up the tank of the vehicle to the maximum until we find a gas station. But what could happen if the car runs out of gas? Could you fine me?

The truth is that it is not included in the General Traffic Regulations as an offense, but running out of gas in the car could be a reason for a fine of up to 3,000 euros.

The situation that can trigger a vehicle on the road without gasoline, could put the circulation and the lives of other people at risk, so, on some occasions, it could be a reason for a fine. We could also face a penalty when we transport gasoline for the car in a boat. This container must be approved and cannot be transported anywhere.

If the police stop us transporting gasoline in an unapproved container, they could also fine us up to 3,000 euros.

What gasoline autonomy do cars have?

Not all cars have the same fuel range. But we can go around an approximate estimate that would go from 50 to 120 kilometers of what is usually known as ‘reserve’.

The authorities recommend not rushing the reservation within 50 kilometers, even if we have room to go to a gas station. These happen because what the cars mark is usually an indicative figure in which the speed we carry or the weight we carry also counts a lot.

It is recommended, therefore, that we refuel before even the car marks the reserve, since many cars, especially the smallest, have little autonomy and we could get a scare in the middle of the road.

Although today most cars have an on-board computer capable of accurately indicating all the parameters of the car, the figure that marks us as fuel reserve is not reliable. These are approximations that the vehicle makes depending on the type of driving we carry.

It usually happens that if we carry efficient driving, this autonomy remains fixed and even sometimes rises, on the contrary we take a more abrupt driving with constant accelerations and stops. In this case, autonomy will tend to decrease more than expected.

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