NewsCarmen Nebel meets with successor Giovanni Zarrella

Carmen Nebel meets with successor Giovanni Zarrella

The Saturday evening on ZDF has belonged to Giovanni Zarrella since September. Carmen Nebel now meets her successor in person for the first time on her show – and is delighted.

Berlin – Carmen Nebel is looking forward to finally getting to know her successor, Giovanni Zarrella, personally on Saturday evening.

“We had invited him to my show a few times, but unfortunately it never worked out so far. But now! ”Said the 65-year-old of“ Superillu ”about Zarrella's planned appearance on her show“ The Most Beautiful Christmas Hits ”on December 1st.

With his “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, the 43-year-old had replaced Carmen Nebel on the Saturday evening broadcast slot in September. “Giovanni presents a new Saturday evening show on ZDF, and he's doing it well. But that was already clear beforehand, I never had a doubt ”, Nebel praised her successor. dpa

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