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Italo hits for nine-year-olds: Giovanni Zarrella becomes a teacher in his daughter's class

The little ones must have had big eyes: Giovanni Zarrella swapped the stage for a classroom at short notice and stepped in as a music teacher in his daughter’s class.

Cologne – Giovanni Zarrella is very busy. After all, the fourth edition of his popular “Giovanni Zarrella Show” is imminent. But the hit star always has time for the offspring – and for his daughter anyway. In his Instagram story he now reveals that he has stepped in as a music teacher. Italo hits were of course on the curriculum, as reported by

Pop star Giovanni Zarrella as a music teacher in his daughter’s class

True to the motto “practice early”, Giovanni Zarrella brings his daughter’s classmates closer to the colorful world of hits. “… if you give music lessons in his daughter’s class,” he writes in his latest Instagram story. The picture shows a blackboard with the lyrics to Giovanni’s hit “Senza te”.

Giovanni Zarrella gibt Musikunterrricht in der Klasse seiner Tochter: Schultafel mit den Lyrics zu seinem Italo-Schlager „Senza te“ mit Pietro Lombardi.


Giovanni Zarrella gives music lessons in his daughter’s class: school board with the lyrics to his Italo hit “Senza te” with Pietro Lombardi.

The song is a cover of the mega hit “Ohne dich” by Münchner Freiheit. Since Giovanni Zarrella covered the song with Pietro Lombardi, he also marked the DSDS winner in the story.

Giovanni Zarrella and Jana Ina: Hardly anything is known about their children

Instead of dragging their children into public, the hit couple protects the privacy of their two children. While fans were able to follow the pregnancy and birth of son Gabriel Bruno up close in the documentary “Jana Ina & Giovanni – We Are Pregnant”, only the date of birth of her daughter is known. The two did not even make the first name of the 9-year-old public.

The reason? Her daughter was born eight weeks early. “I wanted to protect her and give her time to feel comfortable in this world,” Jana Ina said in an Instagram post in honor of World Prematurity Day.

Giovanni Zarrella is the new ratings bringer on ZDF. Nevertheless, the broadcaster should now send him and his TV show on compulsory vacation – until just before Christmas! Is the strong competition in summer the reason?

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