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Crisis? Wedding of Giovanni Zarrella's brother Stefano and GNTM model Romina is on hold

After the engagement of GNTM star Romina Palm and influencer Stefano Zarrella, everything was originally supposed to happen very quickly – but now the couple’s wedding preparations seem to have stalled. Is there a crisis?

Cologne – They are one of the most beautiful dream couples in the German media landscape: ex-GNTM finalist Romina Palm (22) and food influencer Stefano Zarrella (31). The brother of pop star Giovanni Zarrella (here all the news on the topic page) and his sweetheart let their fans and followers participate in everyday life together and post almost all aspects of their lives. So are the preparations for the upcoming wedding – which is now supposed to be on hold, as reported by

Stefano Zarella influencers
Born December 9, 1990
partner Romina Palm
brothers and sisters Giovanni Zarrella, Maria Zarrella

Engagement of Giovanni Zarrella’s brother Stefano and GNTM model Romina Palm

In July 2021, Stefano Zarrella asked his Romina the question of all questions. In Rome, the 31-year-old made an application to his longtime girlfriend. With fireworks and lots of love.

After the engagement everything had to happen very quickly. Shortly after the announcement, it was finally said that the couple wanted to get married this year – for a short time there was even talk of February 2, 2022.

Romina Palm und Stefano Zarrella kurz nach ihrer Verlobung in Rom


Romina Palm and Stefano Zarrella shortly after their engagement in Rome

Not only the engagement turned the couple’s life upside down

A lot has happened since then. Because not only the engagement has changed the life of the couple quite a lot, but also the common living situation. Romina and Stefano had felt uncomfortable in their home for the past few months. The reason: curious fans.

They would have shown far too openly where they live, so Romina via Instagram. Which is why the couple recently decided to move.

Crisis? Wedding of Giovanni Zarrella’s brother Stefano and GNTM model Romina is on hold

New apartment, move, jobs – with these massive changes, plans can sometimes come to a standstill. Above all, the wedding planning of the two influencers should be on hold for the time being. Stefano Zarrella announced this in a Q&A (in German: question and answer) published via Instagram story.

A follower wanted to know how things would continue and asked if Stefano and Romina were preparing for the wedding. The 31-year-old replied: “No. We are currently taking our time and are not putting any pressure on ourselves.”

So the faltering wedding preparations don’t seem to be a cause for concern. Because Stefano and Romina continue to share their life together and express their love for each other via social media. Giovanni Zarrella’s brother just recently posted a video of his “little family” showing not only Romina but also her dog Baloo.

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