NewsChildren's dentist welcomes patients as an ice queen

Children's dentist welcomes patients as an ice queen

Many children are afraid of the dentist. A doctor from Wandlitz in Brandenburg has therefore come up with something very special.

Wandlitz – Anyone who enters Anne Heinz’s children’s dental practice in Wandlitz near Berlin believes at first to have made a mistake in the door: The registration counter seems to consist of large, stacked fairy tale books.

Zahnarztpraxis „Dentiland“


Children’s dentist Anne Heinz (l) and her assistant Ari Dema in “Dentiland”.

Behind them are young women with beaming smiles, Mickey Mouse ears and fairy wings. They lead the young patients through the double doors of an oversized wardrobe into the waiting area: a green tree cave that can be walked through, in which cartoons are shown on a large monitor.

Children who came to the dentist with fear of drilling have probably forgotten about them here at the latest. Especially since the typical dentist smell is missing. And even more so when the children’s dentist Heinz stands in front of them in the costume of the popular Disney ice queen Elsa. The 32-year-old has fulfilled a dream with her fairy tale practice, which she opened two months ago. “I wanted to create a place for children that shouldn’t be reminiscent of a hospital or medicine,” says the native of Oranienburg.

For two years she planned her first practice, ultimately invested a seven-figure sum in the implementation and named it “Dentiland”. Because during a visit to Disneyland Paris, the idea came to her while she was still studying. “There I could see how children were literally enchanted.”

Magic is also carried out in the Wandlitzer practice rooms. “We can already do a few tricks including glittering wands. We can get to know the little patients in a playful way, ”reveals dental assistant Ari Dema.

Despite the rush in the practice, dentist Heinz takes time for her second passion, music. “The Elsa costume took off, my stage outfit on – after the practice opening, I was an hour later as rapper Ansen on the city festival stage in Oranienburg,” she says. She has always been enthusiastic about hip-hop culture, which is why she started rapping. dpa

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