AutoCitroën My Ami Tonic: vitaminized and stimulating personality

Citroën My Ami Tonic: vitaminized and stimulating personality

My Ami Tonic features exciting and energetic graphic elements that express another facet of Ami’s character. The Citroën quadricycle has always stood out for its extensive customization possibilities and numerous accessories, with the possibility that each user can create the Ami that best expresses who they are.

“The Citroën Design team wanted to bring a touch of freshness and vitality to this new version. The combination of lemon yellow and khaki color blocks, combined with clever technical elements (such as the ‘opening’ zone directional arrows) they give My Ami Tonic a more playful touch, which makes it a toy for all ages”, explains Mathieu Wandon , head of graphic design at Citroën.

The Citroën Ami is a true social phenomenon that responds to new mobility aspirations for daily urban journeys. It is electric, affordable, comfortable and safe, it reduces stress and does not require a type B driving license. A modern and innovative response to the needs of people of all ages, which stands out among the available offer for its unique personality, different from traditional market options. Driving an Ami makes a statement in favor of a different approach to mobility, in a fun and totally self-confident way. Its body style is unique and playful, with a touch of community.

My Ami Tonic is a version full of energy, which enhances the Ami range and inspires action through its colors and equipment. It has customization elements already known from other versions, such as bumpers and roof bars. Its new details combine the color khaki and a bright yellow that make up a fresh and vibrant version that encourages its passengers to face each journey with great vitality.

On the outside, My Ami Tonic has a different look, highlighted by new headlight trims that resemble sunglasses. This version incorporates improvement elements that come from other versions, such as the hubcaps, the black front panel under the windshield, and the robustness highlighted by its front and rear bumpers, the wheel arches and the roof bars.

The interior of My Ami Tonic is equipped as standard with functional accessories such as a smartphone clip, three dashboard storage spaces, door nets, a central partition net, a bag hook, mats and the [email protected] system. mi used to connect a smartphone with the Ami. This equipment as a whole makes everyday life easier.

The colors of My Ami Tonic have been carefully chosen. The combination of khaki and yellow brings energy to the vehicle.

The khaki hue appears on the exterior trim strips and lower door decals, and on the interior in the integrated dashboard storage bins and door net edges. Khaki, as a color of relaxation and tranquility, promotes feelings of optimism, harmony and calm. This shade of green also echoes the richness of nature, underscoring Ami’s ecological commitment. As a 100% electric vehicle, the Ami is respectful of the environment, while its silent movement on the streets inspires tranquility.

Often regarded as a warm and uplifting colour, yellow adds touches of vividness to the door decals developed specifically for the My Ami Tonic, the handles used to open and close the doors from the cabin and the bag hook on the the passenger side. Yellow also arouses curiosity. Citroën has used it to draw attention to the direction arrows placed on the bodywork to guide passengers in using the Ami. For example, the arrows on the rear windows indicate how to open the windows, and those on the wheel arches make it fun to check that the wheels are properly aligned. This technical and tactical signaling is a nod to the field of aeronautics.

In the same spirit, three white directional arrows, placed in a descending sequence on the inside of the door panel, show how to move the handle to open the door. And a sticker on the window flaps marks the GPS coordinates of the longitude of the Stellantis Group technical center, the ADN (Automotive Design Network) located in Vélizy. In addition, two small aesthetic details underline that My Ami Tonic is a 100% electric mobility object: a ‘+’ sticker on the driver’s door handle and a ‘-‘ on the passenger door symbolize the poles of a battery.

Finally, it should be noted that My Ami Tonic will be marketed in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Greece, Morocco and Turkey.

In Spain, this version is already available from €8,990 for cash transactions, including taxes, or for €2 per day (Monthly fee: €60.82; Deposit: €2,996.93; Last fee: €5,203.58). And with the release of My Ami Tonic, the My Ami Khaki and My Ami Vibe versions are no longer in production.

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