AutoCleaning against coronavirus: how to clean your vehicle thoroughly

Cleaning against coronavirus: how to clean your vehicle thoroughly

Washing our hands has become a gesture of solidarity, and many have learned how to do it in recent days. Neatness and cleanliness will be our best ally against the coronavirus; that and obey the mobility restrictions imposed as a result of the application of the alarm state. The objective of quarantine is known to all of us: to stop the curve of infected so that hospitals do not collapse. We must all stay at home, but there are exceptions that allow the use of public or private transport, individually.

Can my car contain SARS-CoV-2 inside? It can be a source of contagion if you have been in contact with someone who is a carrier of the virus. A study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases estimated that the virus could remain four hours in copper, 24 hours in cardboard and up to two to three days in plastic and stainless steel.

Some vehicles would be able to block pathogens from entering the cabin. Tesla has already developed an air filter that is capable of isolating its occupants from a biological attack; But Geely has gone one step further. This Chinese manufacturer has devised the Geely Icon, a premium SUV that will prevent the entry of microorganisms into its interior through a particle filter. It will be sold in your country and, although the vehicle was developed previously, the intelligent air purification system has been devised after the COVID-19 crisis.

For ‘the rest of the mortals’

The Geely Icon has received more than 30,000 reservations since its launch on February 24, but we Spaniards will have to devise other alternatives against the coronavirus. Thoroughly cleaning the interior of the cabin, and some exterior elements, will be our ultimate weapon.

In the first place, we must vacuum the cabin to the maximum, even the most hidden and remote corners can retain dirt, sand, dust or biological remains, such as hair. The mats can be made of plastic or fabric: in the first case it will be enough to hit them with a pressure hose, and even scrub them with bleach; for fabric ones, a brush is recommended and finish with a damp cloth. The vacuum cleaner can also serve to release obstructions from the vents, and then we can clean them with a brush.

The dashboard is a highly contact element , so we must put effort into it. We recommend the use of a microfiber cloth to avoid making small scratches that can later be seen against the light. There are also specific cleaners, but they are more expensive.

We cannot forget the levers, the gear knob, the handbrake (if it has one) and the controls behind the wheel. These are the critical points of the vehicle and we must pay special attention to their disinfection. As we do not have an ozone release machine , the most recommended against SARS-CoV-2, we must use multi-purpose disinfectant wipes . Of course, ozone treatment is a common service that costs about 20 euros and that is recommended, but not definitive.

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