FunNature & AnimalClimate change endangers more than 22,000 archaeological sites

Climate change endangers more than 22,000 archaeological sites

Experts warn that climate change is endangering more than 22,500 archaeological sites .

The warmer weather reportedly threatens objects still buried underground.

Experts say that rising temperatures dry out the subsoil, reducing its ability to hold organic materials such as wood, leather, or textiles.

The BBC, without going any further, reports that archaeologists working to uncover a Roman fort situated on Hadrian's Wall fear that this process is already occurring on the site.

Experts have raised concerns about how peatlands, which cover 10% of the UK, could be affected by climate change.

Experts have estimated that these peat bogs contain as many as 22,500 archaeological sites.

According to “Historic England”, the waterlogged conditions of peat bogs contribute to “exceptional preservation of natural resources” and cultural organic remains.

"The loss of peatlands would not only have huge implications for understanding UK history, but also for the nation's climate and environmental history," says Dr Rosie Everett of Northumbria University via the BBC.

Peat bogs are also crucial in Britain's fight against climate change and their decline would be dramatic in many areas, not just archaeological .

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