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Closures, restrictions, lockdown: shortly before the MPK, the RKI publishes a whole list of radical measures

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) warns of the Omikron virus variant and calls for a number of drastic measures to be implemented quickly.

Berlin – Shortly before the federal and state corona summit, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) published a whole list of measures to contain the virus. The main aim is to prevent the further rapid spread of the Omikron virus variant. A look abroad, for example to Great Britain or Denmark, shows the extent to which Omikron can spread. According to the RKI, a “wave of infections with a dynamic that has not yet been observed” could also occur here in Germany. In order to be able to prevent this, the “behavior of the population on the holidays” counts above all. That is why the institute is calling for stricter measures to be implemented immediately.

RKI: Long list of strict measures

The experts expect the greatest effects to come from “consistent and comprehensive contact restrictions”, and the 2G and 3G regulations are also to be tightened. According to the RKI, a number of stricter measures should be implemented and monitored with immediate effect. The top priority is the reduction of contacts and compliance with the AHA + L rules and hygiene concepts. The mask requirement is to be expanded for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

2G + should apply to access to facilities, church services and cultural events. Boosted people are exempt from the test requirement. However, the following applies: “In the event of contact with risk groups, even those who have been completely vaccinated with a booster should always carry out an additional test”. The 2G regulation with a mask requirement in shops and the 3G regulation for shops with daily needs remain in place. Other items on the list of radical measures:

  • Home office and workplace: The home office is still required. If this is not possible, 3G + applies at the workplace with a regular antigen test and “daily tests for unvaccinated persons”.
  • Large events: should be banned. This would also mean ghost games in the German professional sports leagues from football to handball.
  • Gastronomy and sport: In addition to bars, clubs and discos, restaurants and hospitality areas in hotels are also to be closed. The same applies to indoor sports facilities, for example fitness studios. Active sport would only be possible “outdoors”.
  • Meetings: If several people meet, an indoor limit of ten people should apply. For boosted people, a maximum of 15 people are allowed. Outside, the upper limit is 50 people, for people with a booster vaccination it is 75.
  • Day-care centers, schools and universities: For day-care centers and schools, it should be checked whether the Christmas holidays can be extended and whether “distance, hybrid or alternating lessons” may take place afterwards. Distance learning is to be implemented at universities and technical colleges.
  • Hospitals, fire brigade and police: For the critical infrastructure, including hospitals, fire brigade and police, “infection protection concepts and infection control” should be strictly implemented.

RKI: Wait for further developments

These measures and requirements can be regularly updated and adapted as we gain further knowledge about Omikron. The measures taken by the federal and state politicians from the RKI’s list will become apparent after the Corona summit.

List of rubric lists: © Bernd von Jutrczenka

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