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Clubs and discotheques open again: These are the Corona rules

The Corona summit plans to reopen clubs and discos. However, this will not happen without conditions: which is about to change.

Berlin/Frankfurt – On Wednesday (February 16, 2022) the federal and state governments discussed and decided on far-reaching easing at the Corona summit. At the press conference in the evening, Chancellor Olaf Scholz* (SPD*) presented a three-stage plan for the gradual abolition of all “profound protective measures”.

First of all, the contact restrictions for those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated* will be relaxed, as will the 2G regulation in retail. In the second stage, which is to come into force on March 4th, the opening of discotheques and clubs is planned – but only under strict conditions.

Corona summit: Clubs and discotheques open again from March 4th

The three-stage plan of the federal government is to culminate in the so-called “Freedom Day” on March 20th and by then a whole series of corona rules should be abolished. The Prime Ministers’ Conference (MPK) agreed on Wednesday to reopen clubs and discos from the beginning of March. However, this should not happen without conditions. Unlike retail, which should be accessible to everyone again from now on, nightclubs will only be open with a 2G Plus card.

Relaxed corona measures: what has already been decided

Contact restrictions: Meetings of those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated no longer have a maximum number of people. The current restrictions will initially remain in place for meetings with the unvaccinated.

Retail: The 2G rule in retail will be lifted, but FFP2 masks will be mandatory there.

The planned changes will apply as soon as they are implemented by the individual federal states.

Only those who have been vaccinated or recovered and have a daily updated test certificate with them or who have been boosted will be able to enjoy nightlife again from March 4th. Everyone else has to have fun in bars and pubs. These should probably also be accessible to unvaccinated people with a negative test – at least that’s what the federal government is planning. In the end, however, each federal state decides how the reopening of clubs, bars and discotheques goes. (aa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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