EconomyFinancialCondusef invites financial education diploma

Condusef invites financial education diploma

Are you looking to improve your learning in financial education? The Condusef offers a diploma in this subject. The organization pointed out that people who register will be able to learn about financial inclusion, social and solidarity economy, stock market, cybersecurity and economic-financial sustainability.

The Diploma in Financial Education is free, 100% online and open to the public from the high school level. Those interested have until September 21 to register.

How long does it last?

The duration of the Diploma is 150 hours (approximately three months). Although it is an online Diploma, an average of two to three hours of study per day is recommended to properly distribute the time between the beginning of the module and its evaluation period.

What do those who take the diploma get?

If the student passes the course, he or she will have the right to receive a diploma that supports and sustains the studies carried out.

The minimum passing average will be 7.0, taking into consideration the final grades obtained in each of the modules.

The sum of these qualifications divided between the three modules, will give us the general average.

When does it start and where to register?

The first module will be available from September 22 to October 10, from then on, the modules will be activated gradually and each one will have an evaluation period.

The requirements are:

  • Open to the general public from the age of 17.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the Diploma.
  • Have a minimum academic level of high school (completed or in progress).
  • Have a personal email account.
  • Read and accept the provisions of the General Regulations of the Diploma.

Technical requirements are considered those necessary for the applicant to develop their study of the Diploma, being the following:

  • Preferred desktop
  • Internet connection.
  • Preferably use browsers such as: Chrome, Mozilla or Microsoft Edge.

To register, it is necessary to enter , select the type of registration and fill in the requested fields.

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