FunConfucius: who was he, what he invented and what...

Confucius: who was he, what he invented and what was his legacy

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who created the doctrine of Confucianism. Born in 551 BC into a ruined noble family, he lived in a very confused and chaotic time, in which the political regime was reeling in the Asian country. This was precisely what made him develop a moral code based on principles such as respect and kindness. Today, more than 2,000 years later, we can take the teachings of Confucius as the basis for enjoying a happy life. He died in 479 BC, and today the temple and the cemetery of Confucius are Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Confucius Values The Chinese philosopher preached the importance of caring for and maintaining family values above all else. He defended that the essential pillar to build a strong and happy society was to maintain strong ties with the family.Among his many teachings, there have been two that have stood out above all others: mutual respect and loyalty. The Chinese philosopher placed great emphasis on respecting the elderly since he considered that it was they who gave their wisdom to the younger generations. Confucius was convinced that without good government it was impossible for a society to function properly. And, for a government to be good, it had to have good officials. He worked as a civil servant for many years, and took advantage of his experience to develop a series of teachings based on the Five Virtues: Li: respect traditional customs and practice good manners. Ren: represents kindness towards all the people around. Yi: symbolizes the generosity of the soul, in relation to justice and honesty. Xin: represents fidelity, truthfulness and sincerity.Zi: it is based on knowing how to differentiate between good and evil. Confucianism: what is it? Confucianism can be understood as a humanistic and social ethic of a system centered on the relationships between human beings. It establishes a series of rituals that can be applied in all areas of life. Confucianism revolves around human values, such as social and family harmony. He defends that the values are based on the principle that receives the name of Heaven, and also encompasses the belief in gods or spirits.

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