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Corona demo escalates: "lateral thinkers" storm the psychiatric premises in Leipzig

During a Corona “walk” in Leipzig, dozens of “lateral thinkers” entered the grounds of a psychiatric clinic. The police are criticized.

Leipzig – In Leipzig on Saturday (January 29th, 2022) opponents of the Corona measures * stormed the grounds of a psychiatric clinic during one of their protest marches, which they declared as “walks”. According to the police, the protest march had started near the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

He was initially stopped until a leader was appointed. There was already a first attempt to circumvent the police barriers. In the vicinity of the clinic, the Corona demonstration had grown to several hundred people from the “lateral thinking” movement*.

Corona demo: Video shows overwhelmed police in front of a psychiatric ward in Leipzig

“Since the requests of the assembly authority were not followed, no folders were used and current corona protection regulations were not observed, the elevator was stopped again by the police forces,” the police said. Then several dozen people broke through a police line that had stood in front of the clinic. “They got to the hospital grounds, but were mostly held there by emergency services.”

Einsatzfahrzeuge der Polizei stehen nach dem Vorfall vor dem Gelände der Psychiatrie der Uniklinik Leipzig.


After the incident, police emergency vehicles are parked in front of the psychiatric premises of the Leipzig University Hospital.

Videos posted on Twitter showed some police forces at the gate to the compound still trying in vain to hold back the crowd. But they were obviously not up to the onslaught. The apparently upset crowd shouts “We are the people” in the recording, among other things.

“Querdenker” storm the psychiatric premises in Leipzig: investigations after the Corona demo

According to their own statements, the police determined the identity more than 50 times. Investigations had been initiated on suspicion of trespassing and trespassing, it said. In addition, violations of the Assembly Act and the Corona Emergency Ordinance as well as resistance to law enforcement officers, insults and damage to property are being investigated. The remaining “walkers” were allowed to go after an identity check.

On the Internet, the incident mainly caused malice. A user wrote on Twitter: “The address is probably already correct. Can stay right there. Although…the poor medical staff.” The author Michael Bonvalot, on the other hand, was stunned. “This can cause panic in the short term and serious consequences for the patient in the long term. That can get really dangerous. They don’t give a damn about human life,” he said on the short message service.

Sharp criticism after the escalated Corona demo in Leipzig

The action network “Leipzig takes place” sharply criticized the behavior of the police and authorities. It is incomprehensible that the elevator was not immediately stopped, the network said. The assembly was mobilized, among other things, by the right-wing extremist group “Freie Sachsen”, which is being observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Various neo-Nazis took part in the elevator.

In the Rhine-Main area, too, there are repeated protests against the pandemic measures. Most recently, the police counted 4,000 people when moving to Frankfurt against compulsory corona vaccination *. One man at the demonstration wore prison garb and an armband that read “Unvaccinated.” Meanwhile, in Frankfurt-Heddernheim, two citizens’ initiatives have joined forces against the “lateral thinking” movement*. They want to regain public space in the district. (tvd/AFP/epd) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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