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Corona: Drosten takes apart the immune system thesis of "lateral thinkers"

Virologist Christian Drosten has been clarifying and warning of the dangers of the virus since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Now he has commented on so-called “lateral thinkers”.

Berlin – Virologist Christian Drosten, head of the Berlin Charité, has had exhausting months. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic in March 2020, he has been clarifying the dangers of the virus. His research group was instrumental in developing the world’s first diagnostic test for Sars-CoV-2.

And although Drosten is one of the “world’s leading experts on coronaviruses” (Science magazine), he is a red rag, especially for so-called “lateral thinkers” and those who oppose vaccinations. Or maybe because of that, after all, he is also active on Twitter to let the users represented there share in his scientific expertise.

Virologist Christian Drosten: You cannot train the immune system with a corona infection

This was also the case on Wednesday evening, when Drosten reported back to the platform for the first time since December 23rd. “Anyone who believes that they can train their immune system through an infection must consequently also believe that they can train their digestion through a steak,” he wrote in a tweet – and received more than just encouragement. In fact, Drosten had said in his NDR podcast “Corona Update” in September: “I want to have immunity to vaccinations, and then, saddling up on it, I definitely want to have my first general infection and the second and third at some point.”

By this, he is likely to have meant that instead of several booster vaccinations, the vaccination protection against severe Covid 19 disease could also be maintained through light corona infections. However, this would not change anything in the immune system, even if the body’s immune reaction, i.e. the immune system’s response to antigens, could be different.

Corona: Virologist Drosten is surprised at misunderstandings and misconceptions

“Immune response vs. ‘strong immune system’ is like learning vs. intelligence. I can memorize a poem, but it hasn’t made me any smarter. I can survive an infection, but haven’t ‘strengthened my immune system’ ”, Dorsten explained on Twitter. He is amazed “how many misunderstandings and misconceptions there are about infection, vaccination and immunity. With a little more knowledge, many could save their aggressiveness here and instead make better decisions for themselves. “

Christian Drosten notices a lot of aggression on Twitter

Christian Drosten recently said that he noticed a lot of aggression on Twitter. “I’ve completely lost the habit of humor on Twitter, and funny things keep coming up, I could be the solo entertainer,” the virologist told the Süddeutsche Zeitung before Christmas. He therefore only posts things that he thinks are informative: “To be honest, I no longer look at the answers, even if many of them are certainly positive.”

Virologe Christian Drosten ist in Sachen Corona auf Twitter aktiv.


Virologist Christian Drosten is active on Twitter regarding Corona.

Now he might have changed his mind. In the most recent thread, Drosten announced that it would address some of the “non-descriptive, honest objections” in the next few days. (ktho)

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