NewsCorona in Austria: Fifth wave begins

Corona in Austria: Fifth wave begins

The Omikron variant ensures an increase in new corona infections in Austria. Experts speak of the beginning of the fifth wave. The government is planning new measures.

Vienna – The highly contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus is driving up the number of new infections in Europe. Omikron also determines the pandemic in Austria. As early as the end of 2021, more omicron than delta cases were counted in the Alpine republic, according to data from the Agency for Health and Food Safety.

The seven-day incidence in Austria is also rising again after the country experienced the peak of the fourth corona wave with an incidence of over 1000 on November 23, 2021 and the incidence had fallen to 161 by December 29. The incidence is now above 400 again. On January 5, 2022, the Agency for Health and Food Safety reported 8,263 new infections within 24 hours. The incidence in Austria was 432.3 on January 6, 2022. The incidences are highest in Salzburg (904.4) and Tyrol (786.7) (as of January 6, 2022).

Austria: Experts report from the beginning of the fifth corona wave

In view of the corona numbers, according to experts, the fifth wave has started in Austria. Because of the dominance of the Omikron variant, the Covid forecast consortium is assuming a greatly accelerated infection rate and a sharp increase in the number of cases. The experts expect further burdens for the hospitals.

Ein Schild weist an einem Skilift in Österreich auf die Corona-Regeln hin.


The government in Austria is reacting to the start of the fifth wave with new corona measures.

According to current modeling, the experts expect more than 10,000 new infections within one day on Wednesday (January 12th, 2022). With a high probability there will be more than 13,000. In the worst case, the experts expect over 17,000 new corona cases within 24 hours.

Start of the fifth corona wave in Austria: This is how the federal government reacts

The federal government reacted to the spread of the Omikron variant and the beginning of the fifth wave in Austria on Thursday (January 6th, 2022). In the future, an FFP2 mask must also be worn outdoors if a distance of two meters cannot be maintained. This was announced by Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Vienna. This applies, for example, to pedestrian zones and queues. The trade is also obliged to carry out controls in accordance with the 2G rule.

In order not to endanger the infrastructure, contact persons of infected people can test their way out of quarantine after the fifth day. Employees in the critical infrastructure should be able to continue working as contact persons with daily tests and wearing an FFP2 mask.

The situation is very serious, said Austria’s Chancellor Nehammer on Thursday (January 6th, 2022). With a joint effort, however, a new lockdown could be prevented. According to the information, the so-called green passport as proof of a corona vaccination will only be valid for six months from February. (Max Schäfer with dpa)

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