NewsCorona numbers “dramatically wrong”: statistician calls for large-scale study

Corona numbers “dramatically wrong”: statistician calls for large-scale study

Statistician Gerd Antes thinks many corona numbers are wrong. He therefore calls for a large study on the immune status of Germans.

Kassel – The Corona* case numbers in Germany are still at a very high level. These figures are published daily by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), just like incidences and hospitalization rates. What there are no current figures for is the immune status of Germans*.

The medical statistician Gerd Antes therefore calls for a large-scale study on true immunity in the Rheinische Post. Antes said: “We need a cohort of 40,000 to 50,000 Germans that clearly reflects society so that we can use blood samples and tests of these people to see more precisely what the immune status of society is.”

Months, years, a lifetime? Those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered from Covid wonder how long they will be immune to Corona*. A study sheds light on the influence of plasma cells.

Statistician calls for new corona study on the subject of immune status in Germany

To date, there has not been a study of this scope. According to Antes, the current state is the attempt “through vaccination and natural infection to reach a stage of maximum immunization with minimal losses.” However, according to Reinischer Post, nobody knows how high this immunization really is. Antes told the newspaper: “We always talk about an unreported number of those who are already infected. We don’t even know how many people have already been infected with Corona.”

So a big immunity study could help orient people. Antes says it drives “the population crazy” that new vaccination targets are constantly being set. According to, 76 percent of the population should first be fully vaccinated, and now the number is increasing.

“Numbers are dramatically wrong” – statistician calls for new corona study

Antes goes on to say: “These numbers are dramatically wrong. The buffer that protects us from losing control is the sum of the fully vaccinated – although we don’t really know even that number – and the naturally immunized. With a cohort we would know where we stand and what we still have to do.” (Luisa Ebbrecht) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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