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Corona pandemic: The Bundestag and Bundesrat have agreed on these quarantine rules

Anyone who is infected with Corona or has had contact with an infected person must be in quarantine. The rules are relaxed in light of the Omicron variant. What now applies.

Berlin – The Bundestag and Bundesrat have approved the change in quarantine rules in the corona pandemic. Compared to before, the time a person has to go into quarantine or isolation has been reduced – this is to prevent a collapse of critical infrastructure and public life in the face of the more contagious omicron variant. There is a great relief in this for one section of the population. But it’s not quite as simple as it seems.

Previously, if there was a proven corona infection or if you came into contact with an infected person: 14 days of quarantine or isolation. This period has now been significantly reduced, among other things to prevent personnel working in the area of critical infrastructure from being absent for a long time.

Quarantine rules are being relaxed due to the omicron variant of the coronavirus

This is what the new corona quarantine regulation in Germany looks like:

  • Person infected with corona: 7 days of isolation, then a free test is possible (PCR or rapid test, a PCR test is mandatory for employees in healthcare professions, they must also not have had any symptoms in the previous 48 hours. A self-test is not valid. ) Without a test, the isolation ends after ten days.
  • Contact person of a person who has been proven to be infected: quarantine for 7 days, then free testing is possible (PCR or rapid test, a PCR test is mandatory for health professionals, and they must not have had any symptoms in the previous 48 hours. A self-test is not valid. ) Without a test, the quarantine ends after ten days.
  • School and daycare children: As a contact person, they can be tested free of charge after five days (PCR or rapid test, a self-test is not valid). As an infected person, the 7/10-day rule also applies to them (see above)

Quarantine rules: Relief for those who have been boosted, among other things

In the future, there will be a significant relief for contact persons of an infected person who have been boosted, double vaccinated or vaccinated and recovered – whereby the illness or the last vaccination must have been less than three months ago. As a contact person, you no longer have to be in quarantine in the future – although it depends on the federal state who is considered “boosted”.

Corona in Germany: quarantine rules still have to be implemented in state law

The new quarantine rules, which were decided by the Bundestag and Bundesrat, are to apply as a federal regulation from Saturday (01/15/2022). However, the new regulations still have to be implemented in the respective state law. In some federal states there are already regulations that were implemented on the basis of the federal-state resolutions of January 7th – in Bavaria, for example, these have been in force since Wednesday (01/12/2022). In other countries – including Hessen – they still have to be implemented.

The large number of people infected with corona – the Robert Koch Institute reports new highs every day – ensures that everything does not always go smoothly when reporting the corona infection. The FR collects reports on corona experiences from the tangle of rules. (tab)

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