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Corona protest in Saxony: torchlight march in front of the minister's house

Resistance is forming against the corona measures in Germany. In Saxony, demonstrators pull torches in front of the health minister’s home.

  • The Corona * crisis in Germany is far from over.
  • At the Corona summit, the still incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel * and the Prime Ministers once again tightened the applicable measures.
  • Resistance is building up against the restrictions. The lateral thinkers demonstrate in Frankfurt. A demonstration in Berlin was not approved. In Saxony, demonstrators march in front of the health minister’s house.

Update, 11.55 a.m.: Among the protesters who had drawn torches in front of Petra Köpping’s house, there were apparently sympathizers of the right-wing extremist organization “Free Saxony”. Spiegel Online reports.

The police in Saxony are also expecting corona protests in the coming days. Especially in Dresden, numerous participants are expected on Monday at a corona demonstration in front of the state parliament. The police are expecting a large-scale operation.

Corona protests: torchlight march in front of Petra Köpping’s house in Grimma

First report: Grimma – In Saxony, Minister of Health Petra Köpping (SPD *) is the target of a group of angry demonstrators. In Grima there, around 30 people, equipped with torches, marched in front of the 63-year-old politician’s house. According to the police, the group appeared in front of the house on Friday evening “shouting with whistles, torches and posters”. It was an “inadmissible elevator”. This is reported by the AFP news agency.

The police on site then recorded 25 identities. On Saturday morning, the Saxon police tweeted that they would check “all legal steps and possible criminal offenses”. The state security department of the Leipzig Police Department took over the investigation against the participants in the demonstration.

Resistance to Corona measures: SPD and Greens condemn the torchlight procession

The still incumbent party leader of the SPD, Norbert Walter-Borjans, condemned the march. The outgoing party chairman wrote on Twitter that what had happened in front of Köpping’s house had “nothing to do with worry and the urge for freedom”. That is “fascistoid in style and appearance”. He assured the state minister of the full support of the party.

But not only in Saxony there is more and more resistance to the existing corona measures. In Frankfurt am Main, the lateral thinking movement called for a demonstration against the tightening of contact restrictions, especially for unvaccinated people. At least three counter-demonstrations were registered in the metropolis in Hesse.

Corona skeptics were prohibited from marching in Berlin. A planned demonstration was not approved. Regardless of this, several groups had asked to travel to Berlin via Telegram, among other things.

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